Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Great gift wrap ideas...

Holidays planned...check!
Shopping done...check!
Gifts wrapped....???

I'm sure some of you are still shopping but for many the gift wrapping has begun!  No need to run out and buy the latest in gift wrapping supplies, just turn to your kitchen and scrapbook stash for fun creative ideas.

Nothing is more fun than being able to recycle your goods for a fun, creative purpose.  I covered a grits container and a oatmeal box for Christmas.  They are great for causing confusion!  LOL!  The shape of the containers will keep the recipient guessing.   Ideas for including inside: socks, tshirts, jammies, scarf and glove set, wallet, treats and eats, scrappin' embellies, gift cards and more.

Tips for good coverage: use a wet adhesive and cover completely...continuously smooth as you go around round containers.  Open the box, cover and then fold back to original shape..being sure to cut slits where necessary.

I'd love to see what fun ideas you come up with for your gift wrapping this year?  Share the link to your creations here!



  1. Very nice, off to look around the house for something to make

  2. Thanx for the push to wrap these gifts...KREATIVELY!!!

  3. Those ideas are very interesting, thanks. KWanna

  4. Very good ideas. Love to find ways to recycle

  5. Very interesting....thanks for sharing!

  6. Love recycling! Glad I was challenged to do so. Now I look at most items used at home with creative possibility!



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