Monday, December 27, 2010

Kwanzaa Giveaway Day 2 & Winner Announcement!

Good Morning!  Happy Kwanzaa!

Let's get to the good stuff first!  Our winner for day 1 is KAMI SHALOM!!!  Woohoo!  Kami posted a link to our fabulous giveaway on her blog and just for doing so, she is our winner!  Yay!  Kami you'll be receiving this fabulous set of stamps and ink pads.  Just email me your mailing address.  Remember prizes go out at the end of the weeklong giveaway!

Now on to more good stuff...

Today marks the 2nd Day of Kwanzaa. Today's principle is Kujichagulia (koo-jee-chah-GOO-lee-ah) meaning Self-Determination.  

Yeh...yeh...but how can I win?  

It's easy!  For today let's show our self-determination by sharing our intentions for the coming new year.  All you have to do is leave a comment here telling us about your resolutions/intentions for 2011!  And there is always someone who says, "To put God first!"  Well, let's just say for those who would say's a given.  Tell us something we don't know...tell us about your other goals. What one, two or three things are you going to focus on?  What will be your reality in 2011?  Just leave a comment here with your answer and you are entered.  That's it.  Easy, peasy.  Then tomorrow not only will I announce a winner, share a picture of their prize but I'll also announce a new challenge for another chance to win!  Yay!  We'll do it again and again for the rest of the week!  So check in each day because you won't know what the challenge is or the prize.  You've got to play to win.  Please note:  all prizes will be mailed at the end of the giveaway, because each day you enter you could win and I just want to send 1 package to each winner!  Also, due to the cost of shipping, this giveaway is limited to US & Canada Residents only.)  


  1. for the year 2011, i want to improve me--mentally, spiritually, financially and physically--plus there's room for more if needed!
    remain blessed and good luck to everyone participating!

  2. I am going to focus on me- finding out who I really am and what my priorities are beyond my faith and family. What do I love. What do I need to let go?

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  4. My 3 main goals for 2011 are:
    1. Adopting and maintaing a healthy lifestyle. Tired of the yo-yo dieting.
    2. Working on my relationship. I tend to get cold feet whenever the discussion comes up about spending the rest of my life with my BF. I'm going to let go of the commitment fear syndrome and step out on faith. I realized that after dating for 3 years, we don't have any pictures that we've taken together so I'm starting a new scrapbook about us in 2011.
    3. Volunteering! - I love to volunteer with different agencies and in 2011 I'm going to give a little more time volunteering in the community.

  5. My main goals for 2011 are to get organized and stay that way; loose weight for good; start exercising maybe join a Zumba class and spend more 'date' time with my husband. I hope to also get more srcap time in and to let my daughter help me (practice on my patience).

  6. This year I want to focus on eating healthier and getting regular exercise. I'm going to prioritize getting my home in order and crossing off all the To Dos that seem to linger around forever. I'm also going to focus on stepping out of my comfort zone more whether its in scrapbooking, style of dress, or social interactions. I like safe and easy, but this year I'm going to stretch myself so I end the year with even more joy than I started it.

  7. Habari gani?....Kujichagulia!

    Woo hoo! I am sooo excited! Thank you for the awesome prize!!!

    My goals for 2011...

    Lose 40 lbs and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I'm turning 40 in 2011 so I want to be forty and fine not forty and flabby!

    Spend more time with my side of the family.

    Get the African Ancestry genetics test done to find out what African country my family comes from.

    Thanks again! Have a creative day!!

  8. For the year 2011.
    1.I would like to tone up my body.
    2.And yes dig deeper into the word and become closer to the Lord.
    3.Spend more time with the kids and grandkids.
    4.Still work on my business, maybe getting it up and going in this year.
    5.Do mentoring younger girls.
    6.Learn to cook better dishes for my family to eat better.
    7.Work on loving my friends more, the way I would like for them to treat me.
    8. Work on blessing more people, just because. 9. Love my husband more and be the Queen he still call me. 10. Take more trips, to see this world that God blessed us with. There is more.
    Happy Crafting.

  9. Congratulations Kwanzaa Queen, Kami!
    1. Become more consistent in general, but specifically with my focus on developing better health, weight loss,and my personal bible study time.
    2. Do more writing, spoken word and drama.
    3. Shed another layer of the crippling, unproductive "perfectionist" onion by stop being so hard on myself.

  10. For 2011 my goals are to....
    Start scrapbooking again
    Maintain my weight loss (YAY for ScrapinFit)
    Get more active on SOC
    Start a Blog
    Spend more time in the Word
    Spend more quality time with my husband & son

  11. My ultimate goal for 2011 is to be gainfully employed. I've been out of work since May 09 and I'm tired of having unsuccessful job interviews and sitting around the house.
    I don't know what this job will be, but I hope that its one in which I can use my creative talents.

  12. My #1 goal is to get back into school to obtain a 4 year degree in Math! Also take a much need vacation with the hubby.

  13. Next year I'd like to get serious about crafting and become consistent about eating better and exercising.

  14. My goals are usually recycled from year to year trying to improve a few things over a lifetime.
    I do get some of them completed and I approached them with zeal each year.

    1. Plan for retirement.
    2. Continue to work on family genealogy, scan pictures, time lines and write Isaac's story.
    3. Make a quilt. (this may be the year it gets done)
    4. Keep all medical appointments.
    4. Travel to a new place.

  15. This year, I am putting on my oxygen mask, taking care of me so that I can take care of others. I will participate in the Scrapnfit 90 challenge. My healthy journey, starts there and this time I will keep it moving regardless of any setbacks, making realistic goals and making NO excuses. I am getting my creativity back, incorporating ME time(exercise, creativity etc)in my planner. I see employment in 2011

  16. ritetherapy is Gwen from Scrapnfit

  17. My main goal for 2011 is to build a stronger and more meaningful relationship with my husband and children .

  18. not sure these are all "goals", but they are definitely my wishes for 2011 :)
    1. spend more time with my cousins
    2. have reconstructive surgery once I'm healed from the double mastectomy this past September
    3. pray I stay cancer-free!
    4. go to ArtUnraveled if #2 is underway already :)
    5. Stay stress-free on the day job
    6. create as much as I can

  19. My goals are...

    1. Join Weight Watchers on January 15, develop healthy eating habits, and lose the weight needed to get healthier.

    2. Get my debut book, "Living Your Manifest Destiny" published in 2011!!!

    3. Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, develop multiple streams of income beginning no later than 30 days after the book debuts.

    4. Return to doctoral studies in September 2011 and not stop until I graduate!!!

    5. Have weekly ME-time beginning January 1.

  20. My goals for 2011 –
    Continual working toward a Health body, exercise 15-30 minutes 4-5 week, walking 3-4 days a week, eating healthy and losing 40 pounds.
    Continual working toward my goal of visiting all 50 states, need to visit 3 states this year.
    Craft atleast15 minutes everyday and use something new,different and just play around with a new or never used product once a week.

  21. My goals for 2011~
    ~get my home in order
    ~enjoy the last year of my 30's finding out who I really am, taking back ME
    ~be more consistent about exercising and eating, spending more time in the WORD
    ~get back to finishing my last 3 Masters classes
    ~stop sweating the small stuff
    ~become more intuned with my creative self
    ~start/maintain a blog about my craft
    ~stop being so hard on myself

  22. My goal for 2011 is to volunteer for the Red Cross and/or a senior citizen home.

  23. My goals are to be debt free, spend less and use what I have.

  24. My goals are to become more closer with my family and to stop buying, start saving, and craft more because I have way to many things I need to use instead of buying more things!

  25. For 2011, I plan to work toward financial stability & flexibility. I'm going to continue to monitor my spending & position myself to diversify my income. My daughter wants a vacation this time next year, and I am planning to make that a reality!

  26. in 2011 i'd like to be consistent about having quiet reflective time each day. this always benefits me wheni do it but i often let other things get before me just have me some reflective time. so that's my self-determination plan! thanks for the great giveaway! xo

  27. I 2011 my goals are:

    1-Go back to work
    2-Become DEBT free
    3-Go o 2 vacations-one with kids and one w/just Hubby
    4-Create videos for my blog on a weekly basis
    6-Get my business up & running



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