Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mini Book Crusher.

Hi all -

Wendy here...

and i'm a
maybe i should say a slighttt addict....

I'm super delighted to be a
SOC E:spire designer.

I’m always inspired by things around me and make time each day for art.  Since scrapbooking 15 years ago, I've been addicted since the beginning.  I have BIG passion for life art, lots of creative spirit, and love experimenting with new products and techniques. My favorite products are a combination of the old + new.  I love combining vintage products along with the latest trends in scrapbooking product and adding stamping in the mix. 
I’ve been published/featured in "Beyond Scrapbooks" (available on www.amazon.com), PaperArts (now Scrap & Stamp Arts) Magazine, QVC UK, Scrapbook Trends, and serve on several design teams – Sausan Designs, Memory Works, The Creative Type, several guest designer spots, and past design teams include Creative Imaginations – Art Warehouse.  I’ve taught at CK Convention, Scrapbook Expo (USA), Memory Works Scrapbook Retreat, and local scrapbook stores & retreats within USA & Europe.
I filter out a lot of my inspiration in my blog, ScrapNspire, I work A LOT with mini books & really the big focus of my blog as well as there you can find the music, fashion, trends, loves...that inspire my creative mojo.  I live with the motto to “find inspiration everyday & everywhere”.
here are some sneaks into my scrapbook style...

A few other Top 10 tidbits about me
...that maybe you didn't know, "bucket list" to do....
1. Never been to Disney World/Disneyland...but on my "bucket list".
2. BA in Accounting with a Master's Equivalency and work full-time as an Audit Manager & almost decided on a major in the arts but now I combine my love for both. :)
3. Traveled to more countries than places I've visited in the U.S. when I worked in the past as an International Auditor.  A dream.come.true.experience.
4. I lived in Germany for 8 months & LOVED it (unfortunately it was only for a temporary fraud assignment to high risk countries & I had to return back to the States).
5. My boyfriend is Italian, originally from Sicily but has lived in Turin for several years.  He is truly one of the most sweetest, thoughtful, very very funny, and beautiful souls I've ever known AND he cooks! (that definitely makes him a winner) :)  (and he tests my Italian in text messages where I HAVE to reply back in Italian, but it's cool because I love learning different languages).
6. I don't know how to swim.
7. I could eat pasta every day (but I doubt my hips would like that).
8. I bow down to yoga & pilates. love love.
9. My favorite spice is cinnamon...candy, rolls, candles...
10. I love roller coasters & could ride over & over & over....also on my "bucket list" to tour the best coasters U.S. and ride them all.

Again, hope you liked the glimpse into my world...
I love to inspire & be inspired.
Looking forward to a great year with SOC!
ps - get ready because this premiere issue is to.die.for.

I'm curious to SOC blog readers...

"Do you have anything on your "bucket list" of things to do in your lifetime?"

Please share up! ;-)


  1. Hi Wendy!!! LOVE your post ... love your mini books - I'm hooked on making them too, but no where near your caliber.

    I actually started on my bucket list ... to travel to every state in the US ... and I'm up to 29 states so far. I've driven across country 2x with my son - and the goal is go to have traveled to every state before my son graduates high school.

    Something else on my list - learn to swim.

  2. bucket list...if $ is no object...I would love to return to both Germany and to Japan...love seeing you up, you know you are in my TOP list of artsy sistahs...in fact, Caryn, if you read this, see how Wendy used that piece of OA paper that I "scored" outta your stash box!!??? Happy new year and thanks for sharing the minibook pages :)

  3. Hi Wendy, love your style. My girlfriend teases me all the time because I always make not-so- "mini-books!" lol...they end up being more like chunky books!

    Bucket List for me, I deifnately would love to travel Africa one day...just the thought of being in the air that long kinda makes me cringe.

    Thanks for sharing some info about you...looking forward to everything!

  4. Wendy you are AMAZING!!! Love the post so creative!! You are one of my FAVES gotta love a talent girl!! Oh I would so love to travel to South America!!!

  5. Wendy ~ awesome post!!!!! And you know I love your minis. My bucket list...funny you asked because I actually just thought about starting one. So first up is a trip/tour of Alaska. Hugs~Lindy

  6. Hi Wendy...I just love getting to know you. Your post is beautifully done and as someone else has said, "your AWESOME"! I do have a bucket list. I am also just getting into doing minis, so you are an inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs... Qadirah

  7. Nice to meet you Wendy and congratulations!!! I plan to make my first mimi book this weekend of my 2001 New Year's Resolutions. I will definitely check out your blog for "well intended but much needed" scraplift!!

    I LOVE to travel and I want to see all 50 states but my BIG bucket list dream is to spend at least 1 month in the U.K. I can't help it I LOVE all things British... not so sure about the food though. :-)

    Helpful Disney Hint, go to DisneyLand before you go to DisneyWorld if you want to do both that way you can enjoy them bother for what they are.

  8. Awesomeness Miss Wendy!! Can't wait to see more of your work!!

  9. Hi Wendy,

    Like a previous poster..one of my bucket list items is to visit all 50 States. Currently I have 18 more to go before my 50th birthday...nine years away. I want to drive a snow mobile and go up in a hot air balloon..just to name a few things. Can't wait to see the magazine and more of your work.

  10. Hi Wendy, what a nice post you have. Loved learning some things about you.

  11. YOU ROCK!!! I love making mini books can not wait to see more of your work.One item on my bucket list is to visit all 50 states 20 down and 30 to go.In 2011 I will visit 3 states.

  12. Hi wendy, I love your style! I am into making minis as well, it's just that my minis always turn out not so mini when I'm done! : )

  13. I am a lover of mini albums also. Love your creativity!

  14. Love your work Wendy and looking forward to seeing more. My bucket list is to see the Mother Land and to take at least 1 cruise a year but I will take two or three.....lol

  15. Wendy I love your post and I love your work. You ROCK! On my bucket list is to visit the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. I should get moving on that!

  16. Hi Wendy, great post & love the mini album!

  17. Awesome post Wendy!! I love mini books too. The book in your post is so precious!!!



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