Thursday, January 27, 2011

Organize those Photos!

Do you ever have the New Year’s resolution that reads, ”ORGANIZE MY PHOTOS”. Ever since I got a digital camera in 1995 I have been promising myself to organize my digital photos. It’s quite an overwhelming task when you look at the thousands of photographs on your computer hard drive, camera card or phone. Here are a few steps to help you conquer all of those digital images:

1. Upon taking a photo or downloading, immediately delete bad shots.

2. Rename your images so that searching will be easier. (extra step, learn how to “tag” your photos)

3. For each calendar year, sort into major categories such as:

a. Events (Kwanzaa, Christmas, Summer Vacation)
b. People (Friends, co-workers, neighbors)
c. Places (Baltimore, Top Sail Island, Pittsburgh, Bali)
d. Family (individual folders for immediate family members)
e. Heritage (images collected throughout the year)

4. Select an on-line photo developer

5. Upload photos by folder identified above, order at least 10 photos from each folder (sooner rather than later)

Now, race over to the sidebar and order your FREE subscription to Scraps of Color Espire, you’ll need it for the next phase.

Once you receive your hard copy prints you can try the following tips:

• Make an date with these photos (set an appointment date for when you will sit down and handle them appropriately).

• Pull up the premiere issue of Scraps of Color Espire and dream of the possibilities or;

• Insert photos into safe “slip in” photo albums so they can be enjoyed while they await be scrapbooked or;

• Purchase a photo album kit (my favorite is Creative Memories Pic folio) Paper comes pre-cut and decorated…you can complete a year (120 photos) in an afternoon or;

• Create what I call “Personality Profiles”, enlarge and print/develop one photo to 8”x10” and scrapbook it anyway you like, include the journaling on the page or tucked away, but accessible behind the photo, be sure to include descriptive language about the subject of the photo in the journaling.

• If none of the above ideas inspire you, attend a crop and scrapbook every single one of those photographs and make sure you share them on-line for a much deserved applause!

What are some of the challenges you face in managing your photos?

Lisa A.K.A. "Ethnic Scrapbooking"


  1. My photos are in photo boxes (six to be exact). It would be great to purchase more photo albums to put them in. Thanks for sharing

  2. Great tips! I think I will use them and get myself organized. This is how I have my albums organized...I think I will organize photos into the same categories as my albums. Should make my "photo" life a bit easier. Thank you!

  3. WOW!! Thank you Lisa for this info! I soo need to do this! Love the darling lo too :)

  4. Great ideas Lisa...I love the layout.

  5. First of all the layout and picture are ADORABLE!! Lisa, you still have the same face. Also, what software if any do you use to organize your digi-pics?



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