Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easy Beginner Project: Pinwheel Flower Accent Card

Have you ever given a gift and wished you had matching paper to make a card? Have you wished you had more paper after using up the last bit of your stash on a project, to create a matching card? Or in my case, received a cool gift - and got inspired to make a card from the pattern.

Well you can create your own designs to make a card, or accent an existing project, with a little bit of paint, paper and 1 brush.

I got the inspiration for this quick design, after receiving the cutest little paper box from my Secret Sistah (going on right now on the Scraps of Color website). I loved the bright whimsical floral patterns on the box - and wondered if I could re-create one of them.

I chose the light blue pinwheel flower to re-create for my accent. After choosing a flower to re-create, look in your stash for colors to match as close as possible.

You can use acrylics, watercolors or what I used, Folkart Papier Paint. Using a flat brush, press down, pull and lift up to create your petals.

Alternate your colors, using the same strokes until your flower is complete. Don't worry if the ends of the petals drag - you can use Flow Medium to thin your paint, or water. Remember, you'll be covering up the center with yellow, for your flower center.

Did you notice the accent dots on the box? I re-created them on my card, using the end of my paintbrush.

Let dry. Now, you're ready to decorate a card, or add your item to a scrap layout, like you would normally.

Once complete, you now have a unique, one of a kind card. You can do the same to a border of a scrapbook page, and altered project - even an ATC.

Come on, give this project a try - I've laid out all the steps for you to paint along with me. Once you try, you'll see how quick and easy adding painted elements to your paper projects really is.

Happy Crafting!

Supplies: FolkArt Papier Paint, Donna Dewberry #6 Flat brush, Cats Eye ink, bling by Lush, sheer ribbon and grosgrain ribbon from ScrapGoods, Paper by Be Bop


  1. Wonderful card, love the paint dots and I just might try this technique. Thanks for the inspiration and what a great secret sistah you have.

  2. What a neat idea! I love how you used the box as your inspiration. Great tutorial as well. Why are you trying to make me start painting!?? LOL!

  3. Thanks Ladies!!! ... I'm REALLY trying to get you guys to paint *evil grin*.



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