Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

For all who celebrate Easter, Happy Easter. I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. Here in Maryland the weather was sunny and warm, a beautiful day to spend with family and friends. My friends stopped by to ask me to take their family Easter photo, and I just couldn't resist turning the photo into a special treasure fit for framing. So in about an hour, I created this. (And yes...even the dog is smiling!)

Easter 2011 by Camille. Template: Tiffany Tillman (25 Days Summer #16);
Digital Paper: 9th & Bloom (Details in the Fabric)

Yet another reason I love this wonderful hobby of scrapbooking.  I get to create such wonderful keepsakes for people I care about. 

How do you share your love of scrapbooking? Do you create gifts for your friends and family?



  1. Nice photo Camille! I see you're putting that camera to work!

  2. Nice photo! The tree made a beautiful background.

  3. This is a beautiful picture!!! I love how you even got the dog in it. :D

  4. What a beautiful family & photo, love the background.

  5. Lovely Camille!!! The little pooch is smiling..:) Awesome job!!



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