Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's the little things!

I am a sucker for cute embellishments! Especially now that I am limiting myself to my monthly kit clubs that means the only real shopping I do is for embellishments -- and border punches! (But that’s another story!). Don't ask me to justify my logic. It works for me ;o) I tend to shop for neutrals and bling. Both can be used on just about anything. For me, they are like the icing on the cake – no pun intended given that yesterday was the Royal Wedding!

One of the biggest challenges with some of the brads and things is to think ahead about how you’ll use them and not just stick them on any old way. Remember "sticker sneeze"? You can also get "embellishment sneeze." And we do not want that!

The layout I’m featuring here was one that initially stumped me. I wanted to highlight some photos from a black-tie event but struggled with how to do them justice. It's not often that my DH wears a tuxedo and I get to wear sparkly shoes!

Naturally, my first thought was bling, bling and more bling. And I included that:

But I also wanted to play on the theme of the “Heart Ball” with plenty of red. Note how I matted my one piece of patterned paper onto a red mat. That’s a new thing for me, but I think it has many other applications. How many time do you have a beautiful piece of patterned paper that you want to include and want as much of it to show as possible? If you’re like me – that’s often! This is a neat way to feature that paper. I also found a gorgeous flower embellishment in my stash that worked perfectly.

But I felt like it really came together once I decided to do journaling strips and use brads to highlight it. It helped to balance the overall layout and just added an extra “umph” that made me happy!

So, there you have it. Thoughtful use of embellishments will help your layouts tell exactly the story you want to tell.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Beautiful layout Moanica! Your embellishments & placement are perfect. Great post and you two look fabulous!

  2. Absolutely Beautiful, Moanica!!!

  3. Beautiful, I love it!!! I use those colors all the time.



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