Saturday, May 21, 2011

Glad You're In My Corner

Happy Hellos Everyone:

Have you ever experienced a moment when you just wanted to keep things simple? I can attest, there are times when I want to put a little bit of everything on my card including the cherry on top and then there are times when I just want to keep things simple. I love a CAS card and that's what I have to share with you. Often this type of card says so much before you attempt open the card to read the sentiment. Today's card is perfect for when you want to convey the gratitude of thanks. More specific, I thought this was a terrific card for graduation. For me it wasn't so much about the graduate; however, more about that special person or persons that ensured the student would one day be referred to as "graduate." Parents, relatives, and friends are the first to hit the mall for the perfect gift or the bank for that matter. I believe we need to train our graduates that they too should have a little something to give on their special day--something as little as a greeting card can often, have a tremendous impact. My CAS card simply  conveys the sentiment, 'Glad You're In My Corner.' I'm sure it would bring a smile to the face of any recipient.

As mentioned earlier, I love a CAS card. If you share my sentiments, what is it that you love about creating CAS cards and how often do you make them?  Thanks for leaving a comment.

Peace & Blessings to
  You & yours,



  1. Oh I love your card, the pattern is very pretty.

  2. Nice card and I'm a firm believer in keepint it simple, tfs!

  3. I'm lovin' this card! I'm generally a CAS LO and card gal.



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