Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Little Paint Goes A Long Way!

Want to make your scrapbook projects and cards stand out from the rest of the pack? Add a little PAINT!!!

With so many talented scrappers and cardmakers out there, and many of us using the same products like stamps, tags, flower embellishments, and the like ... a little paint can go a long way towards making your beautiful creation stand out from the crowd.

Floral Embellishments

I used a worn out toothbrush and watered down acrylics to create wonderful splatters on this floral embellishment, lending a touch of the abstract to a traditional flower. It added a nice touch to a batch of Autumn cards.

TAG Embellishments

Using a pre-made stamped image, I added painted details like the chef's hat to take the design to the next level of cuteness! Adding more detail with a scriptliner, I put the final touches on the chefs hat ... and a simple tag turned into a unique, hand painted accent.

A little paint goes a long way in making your projects POP!! So experiment, go outside the box ... and add a layer of uniqueness to your projects.


  1. Kay-Tee: I think your chef is simply adorable. Wonderful idea to add the hat to the image.

  2. Love this, Kay Tee!!! Awesome post. I think that I will pull out some of my paints too..

  3. These are very cute, love the chef hat tag! Great tips too.

  4. Cute. Love those tags. I've got so many paints. I think when I return from Chicago, I am going to challenge myself to do some paint work on my layouts and cards.



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