Monday, June 20, 2011

Our 1st Independence Day

Happy Hellos All:

As I began to create something to represent a sign of summer, the first thing that came to mind was independence day. It probably wasn't the independence day that many would initially think of. Although, this celebration comes on the heals of the beginning of summer, I could not help but to think of the Juneteenth celebration. Being a Marylander, I did not learn about Juneteenth until I was an adult living in Europe. A few of my friends that grew up in the south educated me on the observance and its significance. From that point, I mentally decided when I started a family my child(ren) would learn about Juneteenth well before adulthood. I invite you. I challenge you, to take a moment or two to learn something about the significance of this celebration and then share what you have learned with a friend. Go one step further, and return to this post to tell us one thing you learned (i.e. who, when, what, etc.) or may already know. Just below is a card I created for the occasion....

I'm looking forward to discover what you know or learned about the Juneteenth celebration.

Peace & Blessings,


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