Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lucky Tattoo...Just for The Faux Of It!

Here's a little bit of photoshop fun for you! Have you ever wanted to explore your "wild" side and thought about getting a tattoo? Well, if you don't dare to go under the needle you can always give yourself a faux tattoo using photoshop. Before we get started let me clarify....NO, that is not my belly!

The process is simple.

Step 1. Select an image (with some skin showing) and open it up in Photoshop.

Step 2. Select a graphic that will work as a tattoo, and place it on a different layer in the same document as your photo. If your image has a white background change the blending mode to "Multiply" this is found in the "Layers Palette" this will eliminate the background.

TIP: There are many images available for personal use on the internet. (It is best to find a graphic with crisp clean lines.) For my image, I created a simple "Lucky" tattoo.

Step 3. Position and re-size your tattoo as desired. Using the "Move Tool" hold down the shift key and drag the corners.

Step 4. In the "Layers Palette" decrease the opacity to around 85%, and change the blending mode to "Overlay". This will allow some of the skin's texture to show through and give a more realistic look.

Step 5. Use the "Blur" tool over the tattoo to give it a slightly aged appearance.

Step 6. Save the image as a .jpg or .png., and you're done!

Give it a try, it may take a little practice but once you get the hang of it. It's easy! I have attached a copy of the tattoo for your enjoyment. Simply right click the image and save. If you don't want to use it as a tattoo you can always use the file as a digi-stamp or title on a digi-layout. Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for sharing such a neat idea!

  2. Thanks Aysha! Guess I gotta get that new version of PSE I keep talking about.



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