Monday, August 13, 2012

Scrap Snacks

Hopefully, you had a great weekend!  This weekend my mother and I hosted a scrapbooking event that lasted 2 days (although it was only scheduled for one).  For all the fun we had, it was truly exhausting.  The closing ceremonies for the Summer Olympics were airing at the same time our scrapbooking "marathon" was coming to a close.  My mom & I  were both mentally and physically drained.  Admitedly, I'm no Gabby Douglas. But, for a moment I felt her pain. LOL!

The Olympic athletes do an enormous amount of preparation to stay conditioned and energized in order to do what they love. They train, study and follow special diet plans.  As I reflect on my energy techniques for managing long scrapbooking weekends, I realized that I drank lots of water and snacked on fresh fruits & veggies (so far so good).  But, I also downed 1/2 dozen large cookies, a cup of coffee with cream, 2 dill pickles, several olives, at least a cup & a half of M&Ms, and slept for a total of 10 hours in a 72 hour period.  NOT GOOD!  Obviously, I have some work to do.
So what about you? What do you eat or do to stay energized while scrapbooking?

(Photo courtesy of jppi on morgueFile)


  1. My snack foods are grapes, mixed nuts/chex mix, M&M's and I love to sip on hot green or herbal teas. I have to get up periodically because I will get stiff. Don't know if it's old age or my attention span. lol

  2. Great post Aysha, if I'm at home I usually don't snack while scrapping but at retreats & crops I like to snack on green bean & carrots chips or nuts mixed w/dried cranberries and have to have my water.

    1. I don't usually snack while crafting either... 99% of my projects are paid orders, so I am very careful with the influence of scents and stains around the items that I'm working on... However, when I take a break, I am likely to grab sour dough pretzels, peanuts, or cheez its! As far as candy, skittles or starburst are my favorites and minute maid juice beverages usually quench my thirst!

  3. olives? pickles? lol...I don't usually snack (I need real food to keep up my scrapping strength) but if I do,it's hummus, crackers, cheese, veggies & dip



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