Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Card Trick for You

Do you consider yourself a domestic Diva?  Here is a technique that will have your family and friends raving for days.   It is the paper napkin transfer technique.  This awesome technique will make it easy and cheap to coordinate events and  decor.  You could also send coordinating thank-you cards to your guests using leftover (unused) napkins.  One napkin, depending on the size and the design can yield 2-4 cards.  And paper napkins, even the cute ones, are usually cheap.  When I saw this technique, I ran down to my local Tuesday Morning store and picked up a few:
The texture this technique creates is almost like fabric after it is adhered to cardstock.  No one will probably guess it's a napkin. So here's an easy tutorial to get you started:
Here's what you need:

decorative paper napkin
pre-cut cardstock( cut to the size of your card)
newsprint paper or something similar to it( I used the paper that comes stuffed in purses)
Iron( heated to medium high- NO STEAM)
plastic wrap
First separate your paper napkin(which is probably 2- or 3-ply.  You should have a very thin decorative top layer.  Spread your newspaper print over your ironing surface and then place your cardstock on top of it. Cut a generous piece of plastic wrap and spread it over the cardstock piece so that it overlaps it.  Place your paper napkin over the plastic and the cardstock.

Take another piece of thin paper(like the newsprint type) and place it over the paper napkin, plastic wrap and cardstock sandwich.  Take your iron (that is heated to medium heat -NO STEAM) and go over the sandwich repeatedly until the paper napkin is adhered to the cardstock.  Keep lifting the top paper and checking to see if it is.  
After it appears that all of the napkin is adhered, turn the sandwich over and cut away all the excess plastic and napkin from all four sides.

Adhere this piece to your card base and VOILA!
I hope you like this tutorial and I can't wait to see some of your creations using it.


  1. Ugh. Looks like those spammers came here too. They're getting so much better with real profiles and things. Anyway, I tried this once with napkins I also snatched up at TM. (great napkins there!) Mine didn't come out as smooth as yours, but this tutorial is making me want to try again...

  2. I got a bunch of pretty napkins in a mixed media kit recently and had zero idea how to use them (other than collage with glue)- this is FABULOUS! Will be trying this tonight!

  3. This looks great, will have to try this technique. Thanks for sharing this...very pretty card!

  4. Cute and captivating...can you share video tutorial of it`s easy to understand from video....

  5. Cute card, great idea; I think I'll give it a try soon.

  6. Some friends taught me this technique - it's great!

  7. I've seen something like this recently, and hoped to learn more about it! Very nice card, and thanks for sharing!

  8. I will definitely put this on my Papercrafting 'to do' list!



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