Monday, June 10, 2013

My Dad…

 Is so COOL! 

I realized that I don’t mention him enough so I’m taking time to thank and honor my dad whom I love very much! You know, they say that a daughter is a “Daddy’s Girl” and my dad has three. We are funny, spoiled and rowdy girls who love life and our dad.

My dad loves to fish and I remember him taking the family to the Asbury Park Beach to walk the jetty and teach us how to bait a hook, catch starfish and open mussels.
He has an ear for music, too. He is self-taught on the guitar and piano and sings wonderfully! (He’s also slightly dramatic) Hence…the singing Corbin Girls, LOL!

Around Christmastime he would antagonize us by saying things like “I don’t think we’ll be having Christmas this year, we can’t afford it”! But on Christmas Eve he’d tell us the story of “Groovy Rudolph” ending with a new twist each year. And on Christmas Day the tree would be filled to the brim with goodies and one year recreating “The Night before Christmas” on our new tape recorder (I really thought it was Santa)! He sure could make the magic happen!

Dad is still like that today. No, we are NOT the Cosby’s and he’s had a lot of ups and downs in his life. By faith, he has overcome the demons that could have defeated him and the obstacles that could have torn us apart; he’s done a great job at holding our family together! And together we are, mommy and daddy have been married for over 50 years, and all three daughters are married with successful husbands and families. We still love, care for, and support one another and give all honor and praise to God!

So today I say Happy Father’s Day to one Cool Daddy!
Daddy Cool
by Karen Henderson 2013
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Lil’ Lolly loves you and hopes you enjoy your special day to the fullest!
What memories do YOU hold of your dad or father figure?  Even if everything wasn’t “perfect” make a list of the good memories, and I even challenge you to mend broken’s never too late to start! Meditate on that and scrap those good times! Happy Fathers Day and remember to…
…Let Father’s Day Inspire YOU!


  1. Heartwarming post! You made me smile and reminisce. Although my Father is deceased I still have wonderful memories with no reason to be sad. It's those fun and special moments you cherish the most. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Karen, thanks for sharing a part of your father with us. My dad passed away almost two years ago and prior to his pasting we had recently reconnected, your story made me smile and remember the happy memories.

  3. lovely post!! Thanks for sharing an intimate part of your life with us~

  4. Very nice. Loved learned a bit more about you. Nice way to remember your day.

  5. Wow, thank you for sharing such an intimate post. What a special way to honor such am important person in your life and life of others.

  6. Karen, what a wonderful post & photos. I too thank you for sharing your Dad and family memories. I wish you many more blessed years together.

  7. Great tribute Karen! I love all of the old school pics too!



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