Monday, November 25, 2013

Print and Cut with my Cameo

Hello My crafty Friends. I am back with my Monthly project. Today I want to share with you a "picture Tutorial" on doing a "Print and Cut" with my Silhouette Cameo.. 
Here is my Cameo is she not a beauty
 Once I open my Silhouette on my desk top I go to File and them my library.
 I selected and highlighted the image I am going to be working with. "Double clicking on it will open the file on to your Silhouette mat.
 This is what the image will look like once you open it in your Mat.  All of the images are "GROUPED together. So you will need to up Group them.
you go to your menu bar.. click on Object scroll down until you see 'ungroup"
 here are my images ungroup I spreaded them out soo that you could see all of them.
 No I want to add color to my little girl. soo I click on her I called it "skin". Each time you click on your images you see a Box that lets you know that your are working on everything inside that box.. It also let you see the exact size of your image, so you can make it as big or small as you want.
 Next thing I do is to open up my Fill color. this allows you to pick and choose and customize any color you want. My arrow is on the brown because that is the skin tone I am going to use for her.
Here she is with her new color.
 I will do the same for the main layer of my image. Because I want her hair black and for a nice outline I choose to make it black.
 Go to my Fill Color menu again and then I picked the color I want.
Here she is. Again be sure that you click on her so that you can see the outer box that way you make sure you color everything.
 Here is what she looks like now I moved her skin over the main black layer and now you can see it just shows as she has black hair.
 go through and color the rest of her clothes and then just moved them over to her and lined them up. Now I wanted to show you what happens when I tried to put her bunny in her hand. You can see the bunny is actually behind her.. But we don't' want it like that.. So you have to bring the bunny to the front. So click on the bunny to get the little box around it again.
 So again go to your menu bar. Object again and then scroll down until you see "Bring to Front"..
 And just like that Now the bunny is in front of her. I had to to the same thing for her hand, holding the bunny.
 This is another Before picture. You can see it already has the little ears attached . So all you have to do is line up the bunny with the ear and she should fit perfectly.
 Here she is ALL dressed in her Robe, slipper and of course her BFF..
Now that I got her dressed and colored the way I want to.. I clicked on her and held down my mouse until I saw that my line covered the entire image.. If you pay close attention. you notice inside on my image that I have lots of little boxes those are each of the images that I ungrouped.
Go back to your Menu. Object, scroll down and then click on "Group"..
Now your image is all grouped together and has become One solid image. You can do a  "Print and Cut"
Before I just send my image to the printer and then my Silhouette I want to make sure that I can see just what it is that will cut. So on the right side of my Silhouette tool bar. Click on the "Cut Style icon".
You want to make sure that you click on the box around your image again. This will show you a red line all around everything that can be cut.. But remember you don't want to cut out everything separate.
What you want to do is to click on "Cut Edge"..
 you can see that the red line is only "around" my image like an out line..So that will be the only thing that cut.

Soo Now this is an important step.  You go to the right side of your menu tool bar and click on "Registration Mark Icon.. That is the one with the 3 black mark on there.. Once you open that Window you want to click on Show Reg. Marks.
Now you can see that I have some 'gray grid lines and 3 dark lines on my page. Two on the top and one on the bottom left. This will let the Silhouette know exactly where to cut your images as they appear on your mat.. You want to make sure that you don't have your image on top of any of the registration mark (place everything between the gray areas.
Now just sent it to your printer. as you would any documents. 
This is what it looks like after it has been printed.. You can see that I have my Registration mark on my paper and my little girl is between those marking. Now she is ready to be placed in my Silhouette and will be ready to cut. 
I placed my paper on my cutting mat and placed it in my machine. 
Now before I do anything else. I go back to my laptop and got to 'file'. scroll down to "Send to Silhouette"
Now it's going to ask you if you want to print your image. We already did that soo just click on "Skip Printing"
Next screen will ask about "detecting your registration marks." You want to click on "Detect Automatically"

Here is my machine in progress as it is detection my mark.. You will hear it making the noise and you will see your paper moving back and forth.. This is OK.. it is suppose to do that. (the first time I heard it I shut off my machine because I thought I had did something wrong!! :)
 Now once it has finished detecting your registration mark. you need to click on continue.
Then the last thing to do is to "click on Cut page"
 AND that is ALL there is to it.. you can see she cut out "perfectly" and now you can create any card or layout or project that you want to with her. I have the Baby Bug (Cricut) and the paper doll cart is one of my favorite.. Now I have that and soo much more with my Silhouette.
Here She is standing next to my Cameo.. 
My Daughter's Birthday was in October.. It was then that I decided to open my Cameo after having it just sitting in my living room for about 5 months prior.. Once I opened it; I NEVER looked back I made all the decorations for her sleep over with my Silhouette and the Dollar Tree' I made the banner and her name too. 
Here is the fist one I ever made.. you can tell she has on black slipper and her bunny is a different color too.

Here is a picture of their "Treat Bags" that they got at the end of the sleep over.

WHOOO I know that this was a LONG post.. I really wanted to try and do a video. But as for a video camera the only thing I have is my "Flip camcorder" which is NOT the problem. the real problem is that my crafting space is soo small I don't really have any room to set up anything for recording.. 

I hope you enjoyed my Print and Cut Tutorial and of course if you have any questions or comments Please let me know. And if you think I skipped a step or you are not sure about something please leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer..

Happy Crafting.


  1. This was a great tutorial, as a new Cameo owner it really helped a lot. I'm sure your daughter & her friends enjoyed all the crafts.

    1. Thank you Tena.. I soo glad you liked it.

  2. Great tutorial! Love all that the Cameo can do. TFS!

  3. Very informative tutorial. The first one that has really shown me in a way that I could follow and understand.

  4. wow.. Scrapdiva77.. You have made my year.. Thank YOU for your kind words. I am soo glad you liked my Tutorial, I am like you; I love to watch Videos on Youtube, but often which it was a picture still so that I don't have to keep rewinding and trying to make sure I understood.

  5. WOW how cool is that...No wonder the Cameo is hot. TFS

  6. Great tutorial! Thanks a bunch for sharing.



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