Monday, January 20, 2014

Anything Goes: SOC Bloggers Challenge

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a great MLK Day! On Friday, I stopped by to share news about the Blogger Challenges that will be hosted here on the SOC Blog! Today is the first of those challenges and the theme is Anything Goes! Simply share a direct link to your favorite scrapbook layout, card, or altered/mixed media project from your blog this week in the comments below.  NO LINKS to your blog only.  Please link to the exact post.

Remember, in addition to readers stopping by, you will have the opportunity to have your creation/blog featured here and on the SOC Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter pages!   To be eligible: 1.  Be sure you have the SOC Badge posted on your blog!  2. Share your link in our new gallery here.   Links must be directly to the creation, not just to your blog only.  This will allow us to easily find and share your creations with everyone!

I hope you have fun creating for this challenge, discover and encourage other craft blogs, and get more exposure in the process! A new theme will be posted next Monday, so until then...Happy Crafting!


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  4. Thanks for a fun is the link to my creation :-)


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  7. Ok did I misread? Here you all are-lol. There was only one other post in the gallery. I posted my link in the gallery. Now I will go look at the creations. I am sure they are all cool. TTYL

    1. No Tina, you're in the right place! The challenges are posted here and over in the SOC forums each week! So if you want to post your link in both places, its totally okay! Thanks for participating!



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