Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Love Story

February is the month of Love and Black History.  I want to share a little of both.  It's a Love Story I wouldn't 'trade' for anything featuring Robert Jackson digital stamps.  Let me tell you a tidbit about Robert's connection with Scraps of Color.  It was Mary Joyce a fellow scrapper who also resides in Arizona, who shared her concerns of not seeing enough African American images. The rest is Black History!  Fellow Bloggers, I got a LOVE JONES for you.

Chapter 1 - The Artist
Once upon a time there was a man name Robert Jackson, who turned his Artist imagination into digital stamps.  Out of the mini envelope came.....

Chapter 2 - Cupid
 Cupid who shot her Happy bow and arrow into a young man and woman who.....

Chapter 3 - The Romance
Romanced each other one night with one of their many talents.  He played the piano and she could sing...

Chapter 4 - The Marriage
 They later exchanged vows in a beautiful Wedding Ceremony, forever together til death do them part...  

Chapter 5 - A Bundle of Joy
 The Lord blessed them with a child to love.  What a blessing to cherish, a baby is coming....

Chapter 6 - A Love like this
 They lived each day as they did when they dated.  Inseparable yes they are....

Chapter 7 - Love Never Ends
Although they are moving a bit slow, their love continues to grow.  The end.

WOW I have had a ball making these trading cards.  Trading cards are measured at 2.5 x 3.5.  This was my vision and I went to my stash of scraps and worked to the last second.  I colored and cut each digital, which had it's own theme.  I'm not going to 'trade' them.  I'll be making all types of items with these.  Can you guess what items I'll be making? Stay tuned on my blog later this week.

Author Princess Jones


  1. Awesome. Great creations and what a fun, inspiring, beautiful way to share the story!

  2. Princess, love your 'love story' and the ATCs that you created! Great project, tfs!

  3. Princess, the way you created this story is just fantastic! LOVE IT!!

  4. What a cute story Princess! Robert does have great images!

  5. Princess, what a great way to tell the story. Your ATC"s are awesome. I remember when we were all into them. Thanks for the shout out also.

  6. Princess, really love how you put the story together...can't wait to see how you use them next!

  7. Fantastic black history story...with a love theme.....LOVE it!!!

  8. Princess, these are so very special and the way you presented them, divine! You are so very talented!

  9. Awesome story of love told through these beautiful images.

  10. Princess, these almost brought tears to my eyes. I have never seen ATC's used to tell a story. This is absolutely out of the box! I love it. Can't wait to see more.

  11. Thanks, Princess, for putting this wonderful story in print! Awesome!!!

  12. Great story and illustration... Love your cards



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