Tuesday, April 8, 2014

All Boxed Up: Simple Box For Any Occasion

Ever need packaging for the little item?  Handmade treats or gifts for your child's classmates?  
What about Easter treats?
I have the perfect solution for you to be able to make little treat boxes with a piece of 12x12 cardstock or 
 If you have a 6x6 paper stack that you want to you use then this is the perfect project.

You will need a scoring board, quick grab glue and paper cut to 6x6.  
Double sided is perfect because when you assemble your box you will have a pattern on the inside and out.  

Score your piece of paper at 1.5 on all sides

Aligning the points you will score as shown on all 4 corners

Fold on all lines and the corners you will fold to the inside

Once all folded your box will start to form looking like this with all points to the center

Using your glue (and you can use a hot glue gun) you will glue the sides together, then you will glue the points on the inside down

Quick and simple and you can fill them with your favorite treats.  These boxes will also fit into a cellophane bag if you want to to make things extra pretty.

I hope that your give this a try for you party favors or quick packaging needs.  

Thank you for stopping by Scraps of Color and "creating something handmade" with me.


Deirdre Smith, Glittered Roses



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