Friday, April 25, 2014

Coloring Images and Pintrest

Hi Everyone.. Sharette here with you today.. I hope you are enjoying your Spring Weather.. My kids where off school for a week, But thank goodness they are ALL back as of Monday.. I don't know who suffers more, my DH and I or our Refrigerator!! LOL
I don't know about you guys; but I am a huge "Pintrest" fan!! I love it and I go to it ALL the time for inspiration and ideas. We just held my 'granny's 90th Birthday party last month, and I got a lot of ideas for her directions, and table setting, and even her back drop and invitations.  
So I want to share one of my pages that I have included on my board. I printed this gorgeous little cutie 3 times and colored her in 3 different style. This is "Jumper" and she is from Saturated Canary  Know if you have not familiar with Krista Smith and her amazing designs then make sure you head over to her store and check out her awesome digi's. I printed her 3 times and colored her with all different skin tones, hair color and of course her dress and shoes. 
Jumper 1. Skin: 1080:Beige Sienna, 946: Dark Brown, 947: Dark Umber 
Eyes: 941: Light Umber.. Cheeks: 1031: Henna Lips: 1028: Bronze, 1031: Henna
Hair: 948 Sepia, 947: Drk. Umber, 946: Drk.Brown
Dress: 922-Poppy Red, 924-Crimson Red, 989-Chartreuse,988-Marine Green, 992-Light Aqua,905-Aquamarine, 1006-Parrot Green
Shoes: 1067-Cool Gray 90%,1054-Warm Gray 50%, 1056-Warm Gray 70%
Jump Rope: 942-Yellow Ochre 
Hair Ribbon: 988, 992

 Jumper 2 
Skin: 1082-Beige Sienna, 946, Dark Brown, 947 Drk, Umber
Eyes: 946- Drk Brown... Lips: 1031-Henna 1029-Mahogany Red
Hair: 935-Black, 1056-Warm Gray 70% 1054- Warm Gray 50%
Dress: 989-Chartreuse, 1005-Limepeel,942-Yellow Ochre, 1034-Goldenrod, 1033-Mineral Orange, 941-Light. Umber, 1081-Chestnut, 947- Drk. Umber
Shoes: 941-Light. Umber, 1081-Chestnut,
Jump Rope: 916-Canary Yellow, 942-Yellow Ochre
Hair Ribbon: 1033, 941, and glitter

Jumper 3
Skin: 939-Peach,1080-Beige Sienna,945-Sienna Brown
Eyes: 946-Drk Brown Lips: 1031-Henna 1033- Mineral Orange Cheeks: 928-Blush Pink
Dress: 934-Violet Blue, 956-Lilac, 1009-Dahlia Purple, 903-True Blue, 1101-Denim Blue, 902-Ultramarine Blue...
Shoes: 910-True Green, 1006-Parrot Green, 
Hair Ribbon: 903, 902 and glitter

I just wanted to share some of my coloring with detailed of the numbers and name of the colors that I used.. For those of you that are new to the blog and maybe my work.. My medium of choice are my "Prisma Colored Pencils and OMS. (Oder less Mineral Spirits).  I would love to see what you are all coloring up right now; and as always if you have any questions please leave me a message or comment below.

Happy Scrapping,



  1. Sistah you work magic with those pencils!

  2. Very nice, Sharette! I love SC digis, too!

  3. Wonderful post, thank you for sharing the colors you use, especially for the skin color. And thanks for sharing the sweet work over at Saturated Canary!

  4. You knew I needed this and did it just for me didn't you? LOVE IT. Thank you! I'm off to find you on Pinterest now so I can stalk you there too. LOL. :)

  5. I love your girls. I went to Saturated Canary to get Jumper because my grand daughters are into jumping rope. She is not in the catalog anymore. Oh well.

  6. The image is adorable and your coloring amazing!! I really need to learn to color!

  7. I love your coloring and the info about the colors of markers used. What type of printer do you use to print off your digis? When I try to color with my Prismas and OMS with my regular printer I get yucky smudges and I have tried waiting a long time for the ink to dry and even drying with my heat tool but nothing seems to work for me, so do you have any suggestions? Thank you!



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