Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Make it Meaningful Challenge #7

Next challenge: April 1 - 15: Make it Meaningful #7: What schools did you attend?  Favorite teacher? Favorite subject?  Good student or not so much?
To play along, create your page and share it in our gallery!  We have a gallery in the forum and we have a great way to share your creations in our Blog Gallery here on the SOC Blog.
For those of you, just joining us, I am hostessing a yearlong challenge on SOC called Make it Meaningful.  This challenge is to create an album that tells your story...a meaningful story.  On the 1st and the 15 of each month a prompt will be issued.  

Our last prompt: Make it Meaningful #6 - March 16-31,  What was your family mode of transportation?  Did you walk, take public transportation or use the family car.  Was it a treat?  Try to include the make and models.  

Check out a few creations from SOC Members for challenge #6.

Remember When by Sharon Sutton

Our Transportation by Mary Rosemond

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  1. That's right because we have a story to tell. Nice layouts!



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