Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Scraps of Color: National Stationery Week Project

Hello Everybody,

So May 20-23 is National Stationery Week and in honor of this week I have created a stationary pack filled with postcards ready to mail. And since May 4-10 is national postcard week and May is National Transportation Month, it all works together (postcards have to get to their destinations somehow right? -  Okay I may be stretching it on this one but you get my point).  Anywho here is my project.

I really like how this project came out.  The postcards are 4x6 and can be easily mailed with a postcard stamp. And I love the paper.  I printed some digi paper from Far Far Hill and found quotes online.  I added some other embellies to complete the project.  So there you have it.  I can't wait to mail off my postcards and I have plans to use some of my scrap pieces to make more postcards.  

I want to encourage you all to mail a postcard, write a letter, send a card...Handwriting is beautiful. :D



  1. I wasn't aware of this celebration....beautiful stationary set :)

  2. Nice stationery! Handmade stationery has been on my "to-do" list for the longest time.



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