Saturday, June 21, 2014

Let's Make it Personal

And I'm doing just that and enjoying it while crafting with the new Cricut Explore.  Let's just say that I am EXPLORing new possibilities. LOL. I know what you maybe thinking, "Oh no, not another Cricut" Well, I did take the plunge again and so far, so good.  I especially am quite satisfied with the writing feature this machine has.  For my post this month, I made a few samples to show you how you can personalize many of your crafty projects or gifts. Let's start first with a few handmade bags that I cut and also wrote my name and a sentiment on.

Next, I designed some business cards and address labels.  Here's what I did to create the business cards:
First, I found some frames that I owned and placed them on the Design Space canvas

Then I made sure the shapes could be ungrouped so that I could create two layers: one for the written part and one to coordinate as a bottom layer.

Next I choose a font and added it to the top shape. You can use
true type fonts with this machine.

And here is the finished project and some address labels. I basically
did the same thing with the labels( sorry, I had to cover up my

Personally yours,


  1. Very nice! Love the idea of making the business cards!

  2. Thanks Mandy. I love crafting with this machine.



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