Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Organization works when you're in a hurry!

I came across this pastel paper pad by K&Company and all I had left were a few stickers and die cuts.  The patterned paper on the front and back cover of this mini is from the cover page of the paper pad.  I used it's entirety!  I used all the die cuts on each page.  What helped me with the rest is that all my embellishments were organized by color so I went straight to each bag and pulled it all together.  

I'm working on some organization tips.  Before I go to another project I clean my area.  When I've just about used all my embellishments, I may have a few left.  Instead of putting it in the package I color code everything.  It makes it easy to find and put together especially when I'm making mini albums.
 The purple rosette lace was already cut and fit just nicely on the page.
Look at all the tags for photos and journaling.  I even added a strip to make a border...No paper left behind.
 Look at the pink fiber...My last from my Webster Pages stash.  It fit perfect on the flap.
 The pink rattles are so old I can't begin to tell you how long it's been, but it found a place on the pages.
 And my last stash of lavender lace fiber by Recollections.  Let it go and use it up!

Do you have a system or organization tip you practice when you need to create a project in a hurry?  I would love to hear it, because I have several impromptu request and could use the advice.

Come on and help a Sistah out!


  1. Another beautiful mini; I need some organizational tips myself so I can't offer any suggestions!

  2. Cute mini. Good for you on keeping yourself organized! Hope it spreads. LOL!

  3. This is so pretty! Great use of leftovers. I would not have thought to use the paper pad cover. If I need to do a project in a hurry I used purchased page kits. I have a huge stash of them from when I was in a couple kit clubs years ago. Everything is already coordinated so I just grab a kit and go.

  4. Like you, I think of color when I want to make something. So SOC member Sharon Sutton helped me to organize my craft room like I had already started with my paper and paper scraps. I decide what the focal item is and what color I want it to be, then I choose colors to match or compliment it. Thanks to Sharon, I can move quickly when I need to make something.

  5. This is very feminine, love the colors! Soooooo girly. TFS. I can not help with organization. I am still working on my craft room, getting better but not there yet....

  6. Cute album and great ideas for organizing your stuff.



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