Sunday, November 2, 2014

Distressed Mason Jar Dispensers

Hello Sistah's! 
 Happy November!  
I hope your Fall is beautiful, colorful and inspirational.  In the
Spirit of Fall and all things rustic and earthy I wanted to share a quick project I've completed.  
Mason Jar Dispensers!

I love how they turned out.  These are in my bathroom filled with Lotion and Soap but oh think of the possibilities!

Here's what you need for this quick cute project:
Mason Jars-I used a Quart and a pint sized jar.
Paint: I used the Craft latex paint 
A foam brush
Not Pictured: file /sandpaper and paper bowl, sealer

I mixed my paint to get the color I wanted and applied thin coats to my jars.  Once I was satisfied with the opaqueness I was ready to distress.

Once I finished the base of the jars I did the rim.  Let the distressing begin!!!  File off the words and random places to add a distressed look. Spray your jars with a sealer.  I used a spray matte non yellowing sealer like Mod Podge.

Now lets talk about the dispenser portion of the project.  
You can purchase:
 a soap and dispenser kit from Michaels or online.
You can use a metal punch and punch out a nickel size hole.
You can take a drill make a pilot hole and with an exacto knife cut a whole.  
You can *recycle* your current dispenser also.  I had a friend with a metal punch a hole
and I also purchased a kit from Michaels to see the difference.  

Here is an example of a dispenser I picked up from a home store .  Once I had the hole cute out of the lid my friend punched for me I used E6000 to attach it to the lid.  You can them use a rubberband as a make shift gasket. *Besure to note the mouth  size of you jar.  I did not and didn't realize that the pintsize jar had a wide mouth meaning it was the same circumference of the quart size.  I will say it was fun to paint another jar:).
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  I am adding one to my office at work and the kitchen for detergent.



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