Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year! Lets Chat about Day Planner Organization

Happy New Year!
Are you like me do set goal for the New Year?  Resolutions? Things you would like to accomplish.  If so, how do you keep track or monitor those achievements?  I use my planner!  As memory keepers, crafters and DIY-ers, Mom, business owners we are BUSY!  A personal planner is a great way to organize your schedule.  If you are new to personal planners, have one but can't seem to keep up with it or simply want to know more........keep reading!
Planners come in all shapes, sizes, budgets and can be organized based on area of need.

Lets get started!
1.  Examine your life.-What areas make up your life? What do you need to keep in order.  Work full time outside the home, Scrapbook, Make cards, Run 2 home based business, Knit, Sew, Crochet, Spin and Dye Fiber! Geez!  I NEED something to keep all the things in order.

2.  Choose the planner that suits you-THIS IS IMPORTANT  Be sure your planner is attractive to you you're  more likely to use it.  I use a Filofax A5 Finsbury in red.

3.  Write down the areas in your life you would like to organize.
Month on 2 pages
To do List
Notes/Scratch paper
Day of the week
Bible Study
Home Planning
Aging Parents....nothing is off limits.  You can use this for simple journaling

Lets put it all together.  Here comes the fun part!
Planners will come with pages or calendars but they are simply boring.  Here are the original pages and dividers that came with my planner.

I used planner printables for the inserts to make it pretty.   Now get to punchin' out those holes!

If you use printables please keep these things in mind:
Are they dated or can you start the year anytime?
You purchase the correct size for your planner 
Besure to know if you want page content on Front and back of your planner
Be sure to know which side of the paper to hole punch.

Now lets address the manilla folder like dividers or dashboards. YUCK!
Much Better!  Cardstock is a beautiful thing isn't it.  After I created the folders I laminated them.

Once the main portion was complete I gathered a few more printables and embellishments.  Time to assemble and embellish with stamps, stickers, washi.  If you have a xyron anything is a sticker...being a memory keep rocks!

Here is my "Personal"planner set up for 2015
I keep a few stickers and tabs right in the front pocket.

In the front is my life verse Ephesians 2:8-9

Great Free Printable
Don't forget to create a If found please return too page.  I added a little pocket to hold PL cards

I like to see the entire month in a glance so each month I have a 3 x4 printable.  I also double layered the Month using my Cameo.
Becareful not to add too much dimension or layers so that it does not impede in your writing. (note to self:)

Stamps are a great way to embellish without the added dimension.

On the back of each monthly 3 x 4 I added the birthdays in that month.  

Here is my weekly dashboard-where all my tasks are broken down by day for the week.  Sorry about the glare since they are laminated they are full of glare in the camera.

To Do Lists


Clear Pockets for stamps and other things

Meals- I am hoping to try and meal plan this year!  Wish me luck.

The last section are my contacts..since that's filled out I will leave that printable up to your imagination..I promise it looks just like the others:).

I use Frixon erasable pens as my planner is color coded as well.  Great tools are the key to success.

I hope this helps you with your 2015 planning and once again.  Happy New Year!



  1. It looks great! I am an organizer. Would you be willing to share where go got the printables?

  2. Hi Tonya...another organizing sista....Yess! Here you go! This is Your year 2015 can be found at The owl pages are from Etsy seller Sharnsprintables and the 3 x 4 calenders is from the Lilypad by Little Butterfly Wings.

  3. I like how you made your personal planner reflect you and your planning needs. Sometimes I miss my daily planner days. Every now and then it helps to see things in writing. For years now my planner has been Outlook (synced to my phone) on my computer.

    1. @WrinklefreeDiva! Thanks doll. You are right for me seeing is doing. Even though I have an Ipad and my phone its something about seeing my tasks written.

  4. This is great. The only thing better than being organized, is being organized and pretty : )

  5. Beautiful and functional!! {*sigh*} I used to have a paper planner, then I stopped. I've decided 2015 is the year to start back (because I got a LOT of ground to cover this year!).

    Thanks for sharing your planner! It is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Mandy. Yes we need all things to be cute! I hope you accomplish all you set it too do! You can do it!

  6. Great job, you are very organize

  7. Great post. I feel in love with the Bullet Journal...just need to get started with it.

  8. I'm loving the idea about customizing a planner! I bought a cute one that is spiral bound. I'd like to insert a few pages of my own. I was wondering if you had a resource for a paper punch that fits into a spiral? I want to add without taking the whole thing apart!



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