Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Just wanted to share a little sisterly love.  I am so grateful to the many women who love one another, care for each other, support those in need, encourage the discouraged, enlighten the dim, inspire the soul, educate the mind, and generally handle the business every single day!  Despite what people may say about women not "getting along" and not supporting one another, I know the opposite to be true.  Yes, there are always a few exceptions.  But, we will not lose focus over a few fools.  Today, I salute my sistahs!

Here is a little gift that I hope you will use in a layout, card or project that is dedicated to the most special woman in your life...YOU! (Just click the image below and save.)


  1. Thank you for this encouraging download! I have a necklace given to me by my Mom this Christmas that has the "She Believed" quote! It means so much to me! Thanks again, Aysha!
    Karen "prazdance"

  2. Thank you for the download, I will be using this in my next layout!!!

  3. Imma need these on some t-shirts! So pretty!

  4. Very nice statements! Thanks for sharing the download!

  5. Thanks ladies! @Moanica - working on that!

  6. LOVE these! Thank you for sharing!



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