Monday, April 6, 2015

Black Girls Rock!

Black Girls Rock!  Ask Hakeem.  Why Hakeem?  Over at Scraps of Color we are featuring Hakeem in our EMPIRE Take Over Challenge.  Robert Jackson is taking us for an amazing ride.  I thought why not show that a brother can stand in the background to let his Sistahs shine!  Did you see BLACK GIRLS ROCK?  It was A+wesome.   Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King were phenomenal!  They have such great energy.

So you may say, where's the tutorial or where's the technique?  This is more than a card.  It's inspiration for us to take our stash and connect with a girls group in our community to create something.  It's a tech world, but studies show those who are crafty and use their hands to create live longer.  It's because we are always thinking outside the box. Go ahead make a difference my Crafty Sistahs and Bros!  Let's express ourselves with heART.  Whatever your style is...make it yours and share with the GIRLS!

Sharing a the quote by Michelle Obama, our First lady of the United States of America, "I know there are voices that tell you you're not good enough.  Let me say those words again:  BLACK GIRLS ROCK!".  



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