Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Color Flow for Low Mojo

Lately, when it comes to inspiration the struggle has been REAL.  I am not sure if it is in the air, the water or what.  But my creativity game has not been where I need it to be.  In order to remedy this I have been scanning some of my photography, hoping that something in the images will spark something.

Here is a photo that I took while visiting a local arboretum.  I love how rich the color is on such tiny flowers.  Almost like they know that this may be their only moment to shine, because once all of the larger flowers grow they may not receive as much attention.

I pulled a color palette from the picture in hopes of creating a paper project (scrapbook layout, card, mini-album) using these colors as inspiration.  Wish me luck!  

What would you create using these colors?  What do you do when your mojo is low?


  1. Gorgeous color palette. I tend to do the same thing, look at nature of through old pics and wait for something to pop out!

  2. Beautiful color palette. I would use these colors for birthday cards/layouts, Mother's Day (early start for 2016), and possibly Thinking of you cards (with your photo on the cover).


  3. Beautiful color palette and colors I would have never considered putting together. When I feel my mojo is low and I haven’t created in a while, I turned to my sistahs blogs and Pinterest for inspiration. I think you mojo is low because certain sistahs drained you while you were in ATL this month (lol), but I have no doubt it will come back soon.

    1. I hope you don't mean ME! LOL....Sorry A. I will bring you back your mojo.



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