Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Evolution of My Marker Storage

Over the years that I have been coloring, my marker collection has grown significantly.  As would be expected, I have had to re-evaluate marker storage several times to accommodate my growing collection.  My original storage (and still my favorite of them all) was made using a zippered lunchbox with upcycled powdered drink boxes.  Very easy to make and very inexpensive.  It is also extremely portable, making coloring on the go very easy.  It, however, does not hold very many markers.

When I outgrew this method of storage, I constructed a larger storage unit using clear plastic storage bins and clear packing tape.  I stored my markers in a larger bin/basket at my desk, so I used a 2 x 3 configuration of plastic storage units which was designed to sit down in the bin.  This arrangement served me well until VERY recently, but lacks the portability that my former unit had.  When I took markers to crops, I sat them down in my rolling tote and prayed that I wouldn't lose one. However, for someone with a moderate sized collection of markers it is a great option which can be made for a reasonable amount of money.

Recently, I have started using a reward system I read about in one of my Sparkpeople emails for packing and eating healthy lunches.  I purchased several bento styled lunch kits and pack a lunch at least 4 days a week.  When I have done this consecutively for several weeks, I treat myself from the money I saved not eating out with a non-food treat.  Last month, I took the extra money and made a large marker purchase.  Since I was barely fitting into my previous storage, that lead me to a dilemma about how to store my markers.

I originally tried the Artbin double deep satchel for storage, which came highly recommended by several coloring friends.  I was not able to locate the double wide one, so I bought the marker box and added an extra marker storage rack.  This system only holds a maximum of 172 markers and has a really large footprint for such a small number of markers. Since I currently exceed that number of markers and have a list of another 30 or so that I want to purchase before my coloring class in September, this system was not going to work for me.

I did a little more research and discovered that Copic Markers actually makes a storage bin for their markers.  I measures 16.5 x 10 x 7.5 inches, so it does not need a lot of space in your craft space. It is also very light weight, weighing only 2.8 pounds.   It holds up to 380 markers, so I could potentially purchase every one of them and still have space.  It is very sturdy, which means it will hold up well when taking to crops.  It also comes with a removable strap so that I can carry it on in the airport since I will have to fly to my coloring class in September. 

I especially like the inside.  There are six removable storage cups inside the case.  I can store my markers by color family and then remove that family as I work.  When I am done, they can quickly and easily be put back in the case to clean up.  I am very pleased with my marker case.  If you are struggling with finding a method of storing your markers that does not take up a lot of space, this may be a solution for you.


  1. Nice!! I currently use a wine rack for mine but I am looking for a more portable way! I may not have nearly as you, but this would be a great solution~ TFS

  2. If I ever tire of my ArtBin, I may look into getting one of these. Thanks for the tip!



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