Friday, December 17, 2010

To Flash or not to Flash!

Namaste! My name is Rani but you can also call me scrapyoga...because a sure fire way to find peace for me is through scrapbooking! A bit about me: I am a self taught digital scrapbooker and love creating on the computer. Like most of you I am always learning and love to share! I am a licensed certified massage therapist, practicing for the past 10 years. Wow-even I am shocked at that! I have two little cutie pie girls, living on the central Californian coast with their dad and my best bud, Trevis. Anything artsy & crafty I just love! I swoon over things handmade! And most nights you will find me clicking away on my mac, surfing Etsy while making a new layout! It's so exciting to be part of Scraps of Color E:spire and so happy that you will be joining us here!

I wanted to share with you why I don't like to use flash.... especially around the holidays!
Why have this....

When you can have this...
See what I mean?

And then you can create lasting memories like this.....

Now don't get me wrong...flash is else could I get those two cuties in the middle?! But using a flash to capture the's worth the wait for the shutter to click!!!! Don't you think? Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!!!


  1. Rani, love the photo with the lights. Thanks for the photo tips, I always have a hard time getting great pics of my lights & tree.

  2. Great idea! Never thought of this...thanks for sharing!

  3. Great advice!! ... and Merry Christmas to you too!!

  4. Great tip, nice photos and what a fun layout idea. This just might be what my Christmas Lights photos need. I hadn't thought about putting them on a black background. What a great idea!

  5. Thanks for the wonderful advice. Love your LO. Happy Holidays!

  6. You're soooo right about to flash or not to flash; sometimes you get better pictures with no flash, but sometimes you absolutely need it!

    I like the LO you made - it looks dark like at night and is very effectful!

    La Vikinga

  7. Great layout, will use your tip today. Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year



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