Thursday, February 17, 2011

Like & love

One think I cherish most about the relationship I have with my husband it the fact that we like each other! For us, that is more important than love. Don't get me wrong, I am in love with the man too, but with Like, there is a sense of friendship and companionship I admire. To this day, 12 years into our relationship, we still say we Like and then Love each other! So I wanted to share some old pictures of us through the years in this layout....quite appropriate for this month! I used the free Love Page Template and Let me count the Way digit kit from digital diva, Shellina Guthrie offered in the Scraps of Color magazine. You can go here to download and make your own-but be sure to share what you create with us!!!

When I was making this particular layout, I kept in mind the colors I was going for. Since most of the pictures had a variety of colors, I chose to make them all black and white, so I could keep the red's and pinks consistent. Colors don't clash and the photos still remain the main focal point. I try to remember this when doing multiple photo layouts. And you can too!

Hope you all have a wonderful like & love filled month! Be sure to check out and subscribe to our magazine. It is full of inspiration that will ignite your creative spirit!


  1. Ahhhh so true Rani. My dh and I also do the same...we often say, that we like each other. While we are surely in love and love each other, like is bigger...for experience shows there are those we love but may not like very much! LOL! Great layout and sentiment!

  2. This is amazing!! Such cute pic's love it!!!I love scrappin w/blk&wh pictures :)

  3. Fabulous page, love the photos & journaling!

  4. Such a cute page!

    My hubs and I are also "in like" as well as "in love" I adore the way you expressed this in your layout!

    It always freaks me out when I have to listen to women who don't actually "like" their husbands - - I just don't get it!

  5. Great job! I agree, like is verrry important. Especially when your love is put to the test.



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