Thursday, March 17, 2011

So Lucky to be National Craft Month!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Not only do we get to celebrate this month with green, shamrocks, and's also National Craft Month! What better reason to "get your craft on!" Well, I wish to bring you a bit o'both! You may have seen these all over the internet...cupcake toppers! They are cute and make for great accents to not only cupcakes, but also as little tags and notes And they are super easy to make!!!
So first gather your materials:

  • punches-various sizes
  • paper-in whatever shade catches your fancy-I'm using purple and green
  • stamp ink and soft sponge-for inking the edges-gives it and extra "umph!
  • glue-for the layers
  • computer-if you are going to print your design instead of using stickers or traditional embellishments.I used the awesome digital buttons created by one of our very own SOC artists, Aysha!!!-you can find the post for them here!
  • ribbon-for an extra touch if using as a tag
  • toothpicks-if using as a topper
  • love-just your love of making things!


-print or make your design

-punch out your paper

-arrange first how the layers will appear-I like to make sure the back is also decorated

-now edge your papers in the ink color of choice with your sponge-this really sets off the piece!

-glue one side, then adhere toothpick if making a topper

-glue next set then glue on top of first set

-if making a tag-punch hole on top and add ribbon.

-be sure to give them away and delight in the look on their faces! It also helps to have the cupcake!

-Remember that you can make these for any occasion and they make a fun lasting impression. And trust me, everyone will marvel in what you created!!

Don't forget to check out SOC's premiere issue-it's free to subscribe! It is packed with creative greatness that will light your creative sparks!  And also check out our sponsors this month:

May luck be with you! Happy St. Patty's Day!!! And Happy National Crafting Month!!!

ONE MORE REMINDER!-------Join us for our Blog Hop HERE that starts tomorrow!!!!!!! Lot's of lucky treats in store!!!!


  1. Fabulous! I love the cupcake toppers and how cool that you used Aysha's buttons! The smiles on your girls faces are great! What a fun post.

  2. How creative! Love how simple and festive these are. Of course, now I want cupcakes! LOL!

  3. Very cute! So excited that you used the buttons...but I am like Moanica, now I want cupcakes!!

  4. Your daughter's face says it all. Terrific Idea!

  5. Rani...Awesome post! This is an awesome use of digi products. The expression on your daughter's face is priceless.

  6. Oh Rani those are super cute!!! Love this idea my dear!

  7. Love how you used Aysha's digi buttons, very cute & creative...terrific post!

  8. Wow! What a fun idea! Who needs a bakery??? Good job.



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