Wednesday, March 9, 2011


With the beginning of National Craft Month also comes springtime yearnings! Want to add a touch of springtime to your paper crafts? .. but make it unique?

Add a painted touch. I know, I know, you can't paint ... but guess what? You can!
It doesn't have to be perfect. Use a liner brush to add lines to your blank ATCs:

Use a round brush to add your blooms:

The wonderful thing about painting - its inexpensive, it is forgivable - if you make a mistake - just paint right over it and begin again.

Take your inspiration from some of the fabulous papers that youre using in your paper crafts ... or take a picture of blooms starting to emerge as the seasons change. Just start small and paint your inspiration.

ATCs are perfect, because they are little touches of artistic perfection which can be tucked into the front of a card as collectible art - or incorporated into a layout. So celebrate Spring and National Craft Month by taking a unique approach to your everyday paper crafting - and add a painted touch!


  1. Beautiful Card! It's so Springy. You make me feel as though I can paint too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Thanks ladies!!! ... and Lorie- you CAN paint!! Remember nature isn't about perfection, it's about all the differences that are special and unique. I look at painting the same way. ;)

  3. These are very pretty, love the background & bloom!

  4. These are very pretty. You are slowly but surely getting my paints closer to the paper!



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