Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun With Paint!

Inspired by Kenyatta's handpainted designs I decided to try my hand at painting. This is a quick mini-layout that I did using Photoshop CS5. They have a tool which allows you to mix & blend colors on a paint brush resulting in a hand painted effect.

I began by brushing stripes of three colors onto the same layer. Then using the Mixer Brush Tool I began blending the colors. I chose colors from the little girl’s shirt so that the whole layout has a coordinated look. I brought down the saturation a bit on my painted background, which helps to allow the photos to stand out.

Try your hand at painting on your layouts and see what you can come up with! Also be sure to check out the current edition of the magazine for some of Kenyatta's painting tips on page 31.


  1. This looks great Aysha, love the colors & hand painted effects...she's a cutie too!



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