Monday, July 11, 2011


Please ... slow the pace of time just a little so that I can catch up! I just this moment realized that this is my day to provide an interesting, enlightening, entertaining and educational post for our blog. The post is supposed to be something relative to this time of year, our paper crafting experiences and/or the information that appeared in the latest edition of E:spire.

As my lights flicker on and off due to rain storms I will attempt to provide something meaningful to reflect on.

The Emancipation Proclamation, yes, the original document is currently traveling throughout these United States of America. Two weeks ago Dearborn, Michigan, had the pleasure to host this historic document at The Henry Ford Museum. For the first time in the history of the Museum it kept it's doors open for 72 consecutive hours and allowed the viewing of this monumental document free of charge.

What strikes me most at the revel of our Nation then and now and as we watch with pride the demeanor and fortitude of our President is just how far we have come in our society and how far we still have to travel. Are we capturing our accomplishments as a people and as individuals into our scrap book pages and albums?

Additionally, as we speak, our Founder, Tiare, Classy Girl herself is providing the type of support that only a daughter gives to her Mom who is recuperating from surgery.

Let us collectively demonstrate our support and continue to create with the genius and inspiration we receive from both the Leader of our Country and our leader in this world of creativity!

Thank you Tiare!

Thank You President Obama

Thank you GOD

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