Thursday, August 11, 2011

Creating Your Own

With all of the many new products on the market it's difficult for the value conscience shopper to know which way to turn. If you don't mind a suggestion, the Stampmaker, by Teresa Collins, is a value jammed investment. Her little black machine allows you to not only create your own custom stamp designs it also features the ability to create jewelry pieces, stencils and embossing templates. One of the Stampmaker's best features is its ability to allow you to create stamps from your very own photographs.

Additionally, every month we can look forward to a free set of downloadable negatives. With just a click on your computer you'll receive several themed images to add to your personal collection of stamps and stencils.

I have looked high and low for an image of a silhouette that has "our" features. The Stampmaker allowed me to create the image that I wanted. I've named this stamp Mahogany. Mahogany has "our" hair, full lips and detail that clearly labels her a lady "of colour".

Look for complete information on this fantastic little machine and all of its abilities in the upcoming issue of E:spire.


  1. Great article!!...and I own Theresa's stamp maker and I've been itching to try it!!! ... just can't decide which of my designs I want to use. I can't wait to see E:SPIRE next month to see what you've done!

  2. This looks great! Looking forward to the article!

  3. So cute, can't wait to hear more about this, great post!



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