Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring Showers...Bring MAY Flowers

Who doesn't like to see, touch or smell beautiful flowers?  Naturally, we all do.  In a crafty sense, flowers can enhance and excite our projects as well.  I love to create handcrafted flowers because they can be a very affordable and useful embellishment.  I use punches as well as electronic cutters and manual diecutters to create these.  I like to create not only with paper but fabric also.  The old adage, "diamonds are a girls' best friend" can also apply to flowers.  What girl doesn't like to receive a bouquet of a dozen stemmed roses or any bouquet of flowers for that matter.

Flowers can come in so many styles in crafting as well.  I just received a shipment of them from one well-known distributor.
And when I can't get my hands on these types, then....well I just make my own.  So expand your crafting horizon by creating and adding flowers to your projects.  Why not create a bouquet of handmade flowers or even a handmade flower garden.
Here's a short tutorial for one type of flower I love to create.
Using a die, I cut several layers of the flowers.  The more layers you cut, the fuller your flower will be.

Next...... Using a stylus or petal roller, curl each petal toward you by dragging the stylus toward the center.

 Then stack and stagger all of the flowers on top of each other. Group same sizes together.

Glue in place

Voila!  Your very own handcrafted flower.



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