Friday, December 21, 2012

Managing the Unmanageable

As we reminiscence about the past year in our crafting,  we remember some of our successful and some not so successful (that was our thought) projects. Now as we contemplate the new year, we will probably continue to make some affirmations about what we want to do for the new year to come. Will we continue to craft the same way? Will we venture down different roads in our crafting?  Needless to say, for myself, there is still an area in my crafty life that will still demand some attention.  That is the management of my piles of paper scraps.
I am resolved to continue to get this under my control. So I will also continue to search for more ways to achieve this goal.  In line with that, my project for this month involves using up come of those scraps.  I was inspired by another crafter to use these scraps on a scrapbook layout.  The layout resembles a quilt so I guess you can call it Scrap-Quilt. I used strips of paper scraps and layered them on a solid piece of cardstock.  Then I added my picture and embellishments. I think the layout turned out great!  
I love the effect. What do you think?
Here are some other suggestions on managing those scraps:
1. Purge your piles of scraps by donating to a local schools' art department
2. Eliminate scraps that are smaller than a certain size( for example smaller than 2 in.)
3. Set aside a day when you can  create die-cuts with the scraps that you will use later on your projects

If you have any suggestions for managing scraps, please share them with us.  Happy scrapping!


  1. I don't know about you, but some of what I call scraps are bigger than 4x6 so I cut them down to mat sizes for cards or for pics!!

    I wish I had just your pile of scraps, you should see mine!!! LOL

  2. As I make each page, I am also sure to make 1 or 2 cards, the rest gets passed on to the crafter next to me or the garbage can. I have so much paper and other my entire household to manage. Therefore, managing scraps is NOT on the list. LOL! You did a great job making use of some of your scraps. Happy Crafting 2013!

  3. Great job using your scraps! I think I need to just toss my scraps because most times they aren't readily available or I don't have time to sort through them!

  4. I like the scrap quilt effect. I just volunteered to do a scrapbook class for a retirement center. Instead I think I just might have them make 12x12 hanging layouts for their wall. TFS!!!

  5. I think you did a ggreat job with your scrap layout. My scraps are not well organized, but I do use them.

  6. Your LO looks great, like the mix of papers...I only keep the scraps I know I'll use again. Nice post!

  7. I like the way your layout came out. Lots of layers. Nice! My scraps are sorted by color in drawers, and when I'm making cards, I always pull from those first! I go to those drawers first whenever I need small piece of paper for a project.



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