Thursday, February 21, 2013

Collaging a Memory

I have been so excited with art journaling lately that I think I have forgotten how to do my other crafts.  As I was thinking about a project to do for my submission this month, I came up with COLLAGE.  Art journalers like to collage their art journal pages.  Since I recently cleaned and organized one of my craft areas, I thought about projects that I could create with some of the items that I have been hoarding.  One of the items is this tray/wall decor piece.
It needed some attention and I like the color and structure of it.  So I cleaned it up and decided to make a collage decor project with it.  And I also got to use some of my scrap papers that I have( this was an added bonus!)  So I started by taking pieces of paper and layering them collage-fashion inside this tray.
I kept layering until the entire inside was covered.  Then I added some die-cut pieces, flowers and other embellishments to complete the project. This is the end result:
I also added pattern paper to the sides and top.  Then I painted the very top and sides with white acrylic paint and distressed crackle paint. Inside the tray I made a border using a border punch. The project will be complete when I add my journaling and hang it on the wall.


  1. Great project, kudos to you for using your stash and creating such a beautiful piece of art.

  2. Terrific job w/this project, great way to use up stash!

  3. Great altered project, I love the way it turned out.



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