Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scraps of Color: A Positive Group! A Positive Response!

Scraps of Color hosted it's first annual retreat a few weeks ago and we had some wonderful sponsors. The sponsors have been gracious in sharing their products with us and many gave our group a shout out on their Facebook pages and or blogs. For one reader, this was offensive...that the sponsor would support us and that Scraps of Color would exist. That sponsor posted the great photo above and a nice shout out to SOC! Below is my response to the negative comments...

I am the founder of Scraps of Color and I felt the need to respond to this post.

Special groups were and still are formed out the need to belong, find common ground, feel supported, feel loved, be encouraged, gather with like minded individuals or connect with those who share your culture and history.

There are groups for farmers, gays, lesbians, fat people, skinny people, Asian people, Jewish people, Alcoholics, Christians, bikers, runners, black people wanting to meet black people, white people wanting to meet Asians, painters, carpenters, Christian Singles, Muslim Moms, Black Single Parents, Parent of Multiples and the list goes on and on. I don’t find any of those groups offensive. I do not want to belong to any of those groups. I do not think that they were formed out of the need to discriminate but more of the need to connect with others who they feel they have something in common with. Or to simply fill a void in their lives.

Scraps of Color was created to address a need. It was indeed created to encourage, honor and support African American Paper Crafters. Over the years we have welcomed many crafters of every color. In our experience the magazines, the manufacturers etc. do not provide the diversity in product or photos that we seek. We do not see ourselves amongst the pages or the products. When is the last time you completed an album (for yourself, family member of friend) that featured only images of children and adults who look NOTHING like you?

Many people state, "W ell then African Americans should submit more and become more involved." Scraps of Color encourages participation!

Scraps of Color is much bigger than this comment! Scraps of Color has encouraged people, we have formed lasting relationships, we have supported one another through life, death, loss of job, loss of health, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement. We have written letters to the troops, sent cards to nursing homes, we have supported the fight against breast cancer and heart disease. We are creating and bringing more beauty to the world. We are encouraging a community not seen to share their gifts with the world, we are spreading LOVE and HAPPINESS!

Scraps of Color was created to fill a NEED that this society as a whole cannot and has not filled!

Scraps of Color is doing wonderful things and through it making this world we live in a better place...for ourselves, our children and those around us.

Scraps of Color is wonderful and I am proud of EVERYTHING it stands for!

I would like to extend a hearty "THANK YOU" to Graphic 45 for their kindness, consideration and support without regard to race. Thank you so much. We will continue to support you and encourage others to do the same!   See the original Graphic 45 post and subsequent conversation here.  Feel free to visit, thank Graphic 45 for their support and show your support for SOC!


  1. Congrats you SOC accomplishments! Keep standing up for all of our NEED! Trying hard to be a part of the design teams, the magazine calls and all but still feel YOU are not good enough

  2. Wonderful response, Tiare! You've lead SOC to be the wonderful community it is. The lady who made the negative comment appears to have issues with African Americans (as this appears to touch her deeply enough to post such a comment).

    Tiare, thanks again fro all you do to make this such a great family to be a part of!

  3. I'd like to say, I don't normally comment on such issues, how ever I must commend Tiare on her handling of the negative comment. You covered it well !!
    To Lee Ann ( and I say this respectfully), while I do understand what you have said... I worked for and have a friend that had a similar view until she got a Glimpse "first hand" of the "difference" in how we (women of color) are treated in the industry. I worked on the Design Team for her Store, also the Assistant Manager for a time; so I went to the CHA's ( and don't get me wrong; Thank God , not everybody in the industry was like this) But I was treated as if I did not exist, when I went to the various booths to check out product ( these people didn't know I was a deciding factor for their product in our store etc.); it's a very "hurtful" thing especially when you use and promote the use of their product; being on the frontline I was exposed to and saw a lot; it took several times out for my former boss to realize; these things were happening... we opened some eyes. So yes, there is NEED, for a sense of "belonging" in a crafting community... it is unfortunate... but it's real that we are somewhat alienated... it's certainly not by choice ! I DO participate in crops, challenges, shop hops, etc. But rarely are there women of color... so it is great to KNOW there are other Women of Color who craft and do some of the same things I do!! Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't see those lines and we just saw each other as the creative crafty women or men that we are ( I do have men crafter friends).

  4. Wonderful response Tiare and a big "thank you" for SOC!

    I'm not a member of Facebook but would very much like to thank Graphic 45 and all our wonderful sponsors for supporting the 1st Annual SOC Retreat!



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