Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lucky Charm

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, it got me thinking about luck and good luck symbols.  Many are familiar with the popular symbols of good luck like, the four leaf clover, the lucky horse shoe and even lucky #7.  But I started to wonder about good luck symbols from around the world and an interesting one that I discovered is the Adinkra symbol Mmusuyidee, it is said to remove bad luck and is a symbol of good fortune.  If you look at it closely it sort of resembles a four-leaf clover.  Adinkra symbols were originally created by the Akan people of Ghana and the Gyaman of the Ivory Coast in west Africa.  There are many Adinkra symbols and they are used on fabric, pottery, decor, and even painted onto walls.

I thought it would be fun to create a few digi-papers with the symbol.  Please feel free to download and use them in your project (personal use only). Just click on each image and save.



  1. Is there no end to your creativity?!? These are so awesome and I learned something new. I am going to download these right now -- thanks, Aysha!

  2. Love the papers Aysha, thanks for the symbol facts and origins. Wish I had a 12x12 printer but I'll find a way to use these.



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