Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ahhhhh, Springtime!

Nature waking up, life starts to come alive after a long winter’s nap.  Spring and Fall are two of my favorite seasons because it’s not too hot or too cold…as Goldilocks would say, it is “just right”!

And when I take a look around, I see all that gives me inspiration:
The trees starting to bud

and flowers blooming

Easter frocks and egg hunts

Freshly washed cars and tunes bumping.

Rainy days producing green grass

and colorful birds
make their reappearance

Fresh mulch and new plantings

mix with the sound of a basketball
pounding the pavement.

Inside, the spring cleaning smell of Pinesol

and an open window breeze
gives me a pleasant feeling.

Bare arms and

Freshly painted toes, 

and my favorite Sandals,

     all make me so HAPPY!!!

Yes, springtime is my favorite time. There is so much to see, so much to do. Tuesday morning I saw a rainbow and I just had to capture it! It seemed to follow me all the way to work! Such a peaceful promise from God!

So, what do YOU love about Spring?
I challenge you this month to come out from hibernation and get up, get out and take a look around you! Photograph what inspires you and create a memory! 

Enjoy this beautiful Life!


  1. This post definitely makes me want to take the camera outside which I rarely do. God's beauty is amazing. TFS!



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