Monday, April 8, 2013

Are you puzzled about Autism?

April is Autism Awareness month.  The official name is Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The brain develops differently and has trouble making sense of the world.  I decided to shed some light as I know one parent whose son has Autism.  He is adorable and smart.  Me being the affectionate person I am was about to hug him when his mother said he may not understand.  That's when I start learning more about how it effects a child.  When Robert Jackson created this digital I was inspired to honor all parents who have children with Autism.
Recipe ingredients:
Robert Jackson digital
Spectrum Noir markers
Sizzix puzzle maker die
Currugated board
I start by coloring the image with Spectrum markers with different hues of blue since that is the official color for Autism.
I then ran the colored image through the Xyron so that it would adhere to the currugated board.
It adhered well with the Xyron.  I ran the Puzzle Maker die through the Big Shot to make the puzzle.
 Check out the puzzle pieces.  The actual size of the puzzle is 3 x 4 1/2.  I've had the die cut for years.
 And that's how I got this look.  Doesn't this child look free?

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  How will you shed some light on Autism?  There are several ways.  Volunteer, donate, read more and help spread the word.    I want to frame this project and send it to a local Autism group.  Robert Jackson has a boy digital also! 


  1. Love this great job..and glad you posted where you got the art work, just checking out his site, loving the images. One thing I can't find is what format are they? PNG?

    I have a nephew that is Autistic.

  2. Princess, you rock! We see lots of autistic patients where I work so I'm very aware. Thank you for sharing and caring!

  3. Beautiful Tribute! Really enjoyed this tutorial. Keep up the great work!

  4. Princess...I absolutely love this little puzzle. The image is just so special. I am the aunty of an almost 19-year-old nephew with Asperger's Syndrome. He was just here visiting during his spring break. When I get together with him and my brother and sis-in-law, I always learn something new. But one thing never changes, and that's the beautiful spirit that he is.

  5. Wonderful post Princess, really love the puzzle pieces and great topic!



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