Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Can I be honest?

I haven’t been feeling so uplifted and encouraged lately. And for ME, that makes it hard to be creative!   A pile of concerns both of my own and that of my family and friends seem to have taken the front seat of my mind!

Here’s the main thing, I LOVE this time of year! July brings vacations, BBQ’s, family time…SUMMER!  But due to unforeseen circumstances (the dreaded furlough, yes it hit home!) it seems I won’t be able to spend time with my family in Jersey and North Carolina this year!  AND I’m sooooo tired of living so far from loved ones and not being able to be closer to my parents! 

I know that I’m not the only one who has seasons like this, which made me think…why don’t we scrap/blog more about our “blues”?

And that’s just what I did! I reeeeally needed to shake them off!

So, with my mouth poked out, I put on my big girl panties and took some steps to encourage myself:

1.      Talked to Hubby. His insight and suggestions put legs to this creation! Thanks Babe!

2.      Reminisced via photos of fun times and past trips and this put a smile on my face!

3.      Contacted my loved ones. They are ok and this makes me ok! Love me some them!

4.      Prayed and asked God “what is YOUR will for my life”? This always sets me in the right perspective because it takes the focus off of me and puts it in the right place again.

5.      Pushed through and created this layout.

by Karen Henderson
Digitally created using Adobe Photoshop Elements.
Template and Quote Stamps by Katie Pertiet for


What do YOU do when you feel this way?

Share your creative encouragement here to help someone else. Who knows, you may even encourage YOURSELF in the process!

Have a great summer and remember to…



  1. Great post and layout Karen!

  2. You tryna get that water works started this morning! You know I can relate being so far from Chicago. I cried everyday for the first 6 months and then probably every few days for the next six months after that. It was a tough transition here. However, my sister circle definitely helps to take the sting away, along with frequent phone calls, texts and Facetime...gotta love Facetime! I feel ya and totally understand. Hugs!

  3. Karen - THIS IS BE-YOU-TI-FULL!!!!! This tells me I really need to get my house together so I can open my home to my Sista(s) for a low budget visit!!!!

  4. Beautiful testimony and layout!

  5. Karen, thank you for sharing a more personal side of yourself and I love your layout. You are so right, we all go through the “blues” but we don’t scrapbook or blog about them. This year I started working on a Project Life monthly album, and although I do not go into the exact details about my blues, I do mention the “rainy days”, however your layout has inspired me to start filling in the blanks.

  6. This was a great post and lo. Thanks for sharing your blues and how you encouraged yourself.

  7. This layout really makes an impact. It just shouts of emotion. I love it! Thank you for your insightful post and for allowing yourself to be vulnerable in front of your audience.

  8. Love it, beautiful ! Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration !

  9. Awww...Thanks Ladies for leaving the love, hugs and inspiring remedies! @ Tiare, I gotta try Facetime! And to sistah Cheryl...let's get CRACK-A-LACKIN'!!! ;)

  10. I don't blog or scrap about my blues ... but I have always journaled - since I was a little girl ... and then I paint. This layout is so very powerful, as are your words. Hang in there.

  11. Karen, this is beautiful. Hang in there. Hopefully someone will wake up and fix this furlough thing. And yes, FaceTime and frequent calls home really help with the distance.

  12. This is a beautiful layout. Yes it will be okay, my family is dealing with this furlough also. What helps me is that when I look where I have been and what God has brought me through, I know that if it is His will, He will bring us through this also, better and stronger and wiser than before.

    1. YES and AMEN!!! Thank you!!! {{Hugz}}}} :)

  13. I really love your layout. I'm going to try doing this the traditional way. The tear makes all of us sad because I have had many over the last two years or so. Going through a deep depression and slowly coming out of it lightens the tears.

  14. Beautiful layout & journaling Karen, thanks for sharing this. I know exactly how this feels, the military life kept me away from my family & friends for years, wish I had Facetime back then lol. And Yes! I do make these kind of pages or I sit and write letters & notes about how I feel but I'm not ready to share thanks for the inspiration, maybe I will soon. {{{Hugs}}}

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  16. Love this layout! I love the graphic composition and the self-portrait close ups. Thank you for sharing this with us! Hugs going out to you during this tough time!

  17. Love this; the emotion shines through....nicely done~

  18. Lovely layout. One of our songs at Women's Day Sunday was You Can't Hurry God but he's right on time. Have patience and it will all come together.

    Thanks for sharing.



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