Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thankful "4"

We have so many things to be thankful for! Oftentimes we overlook what’s’ important and special in our lives, and we take them for granted. Reminiscing on these thankful thoughts can help us increase the positive in our lives, and decrease the negative thoughts and feelings that can weight us down. 

They may be simple or complex, small or large, people, places or memorable moments in time! For me, the month of November is a special time of year because I love the Fall/Autumn season and also Thanksgiving (mainly the FOOD!). 

Joyce Meyers once said (and I’m paraphrasing) that she got so upset with her husband that for days, just the sight of him would set her off again! Sound familiar? Well, she said that she took some time to sit down and write out a list of as many of the positive attributes about him that she could think of. She said the list seemed to just grow and grow. Next she jotted down the negatives and when she looked at that side, it was so minute! Finally, she said, the thing that upset her was so insignificant, that she was able to forgive and move on…being thankful, a great changer of perspective! 

I use that method whenever “the deception” tries to creep in. I try to keep my mind and life focused on what is good, and cross off what can weigh me down and keep me from moving forward.  I tell my kidults that “the grass is always greener in the neighbor’s yard, until you are standing in the middle of it”! Yeah, it’s defiantly a perspective thing!!! 

I decided to go through my digital stash and photos and pull out “4” things that I am thankful for. I made a layout to remind me of the goodness in my life:

Thankful "4"
Digital Elements by Katie Pertiet for designer
What are your “Thankful 4?” How do you keep yourself focused on the positive?
Share your ideas, creations and thoughts and always remember too…

…Let Thankfulness Inspire YOU!!!


  1. I read this yesterday, and I can't tell you how timely it was! I am giving the lesson this month in my young women's church group and my lesson is from the book "Rx for Worry: A Thankful Heart". We normally meet on Mondays, but didn't last night because of Veteran's Day. My lesson that I was going to give was "A New Perspective". I got chills when I read that line you wrote, "being thankful, a great changer of perspective!" I know this comment has nothing to do with crafting, but I wanted to thank you for reaffirming that my lesson is a timely one, not just for me, but for others as well!

  2. Amen Tonya! :) Thank you for sharing your Lesson plan and experience with us! I pray the you will still be able to present it as just reading your comment brings encouragement. Keep sharing the Inspiration!

  3. I love your keywords style of journaling on your layout. It says it all without being wordy.



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