Sunday, April 13, 2014

Game Night Thank You Cards

Recently, I went to a game night party hosted by some friends.  In the middle of a hilarious game of Pictionary, I had an idea for thank you cards.  Some of the drawings that people created were easily identifiable while others were a far stretch on the creative license spectrum.  Some of the sketches were so outrageous!  At the end of the night, I asked to keep a few sketches from the game.  I later used those sketches to create thank you cards for the event.  (I eventually gave the cards to the hosts....hmm, thank you cards as a thank you gift?! Is that weird?)  I suppose instead of thank you cards the sketches can be used to make invitations for the next party, simply by changing the sentiment on the inside.

The cards were easy to make, I just cut down each of the sketches to a size that fit on a card front, added a speech bubble and question mark stamp, and embellished it with a little ribbon.  I printed the inside sentiment with my inkjet printer.  Super simple!

Oh, are you wondering what the answers are?

Answers: Spank, Upstairs, Jail, Heat


  1. What a cool idea and way to recycle!

  2. Too funny but what a fun way to re-use the cards

  3. Fun idea! I like how you have recreated with the pictures.

  4. Once you gave us the answers, the pictures made sense. lol

    This is a great idea and who doesn't appreciate a thank you card, especially one which reminds you of a fun evening.

  5. Hilarious!! I love your creative mind.



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