Saturday, April 19, 2014

That Hat!!

Happy Easter/Resurrection Sunday (eve)  Beautiful People!

After you read this, you may think of me differently. Perhaps some of you can relate. Growing up, on Easter Sunday my mom would make me dress in a frilly dress, gloves, patent leather shoes, and a hat. Ugh, I strongly, on the verge of hated when Easter came around. I mean, it was bad enough going to an overcrowded church but to be uncomfortable too...that was too much! Then to add insult to injury after sweating out my freshly pressed hair, I had hat hair when I was able to FINALLY take off that hat! I think out of everything, the hat was the thing I could not tolerate. I did however like to have my hair down :)

As I was looking through the Silhouette Store, I saw the Easter Hat Box. I actually cringed. Then I had a thought, I could make it and give it to my mom as a "prank" because she knows  how I feel about hats. I purchased it and this is what I came up with.

I used plain card stock for the base of the hat. I inked the edged of the scalloped edge. The hat assembled a little wonky, so to hide that, I used tulle and added pearls to the base and top of the hat. To embellish, I kept it simple. I added a piece of pink frayed rosette. I also add two yellow roses from Wild Orchid Crafts. To finish it off, I added a feather.  What do you think?

The paper hat is not so bad. Perhaps I am being healed in the area of hat hating? I can tell you one thing, on Easter Sunday, I stick to the meaning of the day and fellowship with my family afterwards (that is what I LOVE about Easter aside for the true meaning behind it). Although mom is trying her hardest to get my girls into those dresses LOL...but no hats!!! What is your favorite or least favorite Easter memory?

I hope you enjoyed today's Project! Have a great weekend everyone...until next time, Kenya~


  1. What a cute story! I'll be your Mom doesn't think of the paper hat as a prank at all. I bet she'll treasure it. It's really nice! TFS and Happy Easter!

  2. I'm the opposite, LOVED getting dressed up from head to toe...even after the grueling hair-pressing sessions! :) Have a Happy Easter/blessed Resurrection Sunday!!!

  3. You did a nice job on this. I'm with you... I hate hats too!

  4. We, my lil brother and I, wore purple suits each easter. My grandma would make me a skirt and jacket and David, a 3-piece suit. He looked so dapper and I always wanted a vest but never got one. Never had to do the hat or glove thing though. I suppose that is the reason why I haven't been scared by hats. Anywho, I love your healing process and that is a darling hat! <3

  5. This is super cute!! I like hats just don't like how i look in them. Guess it depends on the style of hat :-)

  6. Thankfully, I never had to wear hats. My mom never really liked them, so she never put them on me. This hat, however, is totally cute!

  7. Thank you all and I survived another Easter LOL!!



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