Monday, June 9, 2014

Vacation Bible School

Next week is Vacation Bible School at my church and we were asked to bring prizes for the children to ‘Go Fish’.   Remember the song, “I will make you fishers of men if you follow me”?  When they bring a new guest to join them Tuesday through Friday they ‘Go Fish’ and select a prize from the Treasure Chest.  First I went out and purchased a few activity books and pencils and a couple of games.  I wasn’t satisfied until I went in my room, looked around and there was my inspiration….6x6 Hanging signs!!!  They can place them on their door or in their room.  Five were made for my Design Team post.  I will be posting five each day this week on my blog!  They each have a scripture and part of a hymn we use on Sunday.   Our theme is 'The Amazing Road Trip.'

Are you and/or your children attending VBS or a summer program?  This would be an excellent idea.  Everything came from my scraps of paper and embellishments that I’ve set aside and refuse to throw away.   I wish I could have given them the supplies and see how creative they could be to design their own Hanging sign.  Hope I’ve inspired you to create a few and if you have created them before….Do it again!  Oh the possibilities.  I can't wait to paint!! 


  1. These are great, love the embellies and scriptures on each one...and great way to use up scraps.

  2. What a great idea to give them reminders and keep inspired.



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