Tuesday, July 8, 2014

QUICK AND EASY: Tea Stained Tags and Twine

Welcome to SOC, I am so in the mood for Christmas that I wanted to show you how  to stain your tags and cotton twine for gift giving.  This is easy to do and you can make some for now or later
This process is so super simple:  water, tea and a pot for boiling

I like the stain to be very rich in color so for 1 cup of water I use 6 tea bags.  Hit up your local .99 cents or $1 store they sell teabags there

I like to use cotton twine because it will pick up any ink or stain

Additionally I love manila tags for staining, it is heavy enough not to tear once saturated

Dip the cotton twine in the solution and it turns instantly

Such a pretty color, maybe the longer it sits the darker it will become, will have to try next time

Same concept for the tag, you dip it in the solution and instant pretty

It does not take long for the stain to absorb to the surface of the tag

You want to have a pan ready because this next step involves drying in oven

Heat your oven to the lowest setting, mine was 170 and put your twine and tags in for drying 

I added a second layer of drops to the paper after the initial drying.  I wanted to create some heavy dark spots

The finished look
I just adore stained tags, they are ready for holiday decorating.  Super easy, super inexpensive.  So what are you waiting for, get started it is July after all...

Thank you for stopping by Scraps of Color and "creating something handmade" with me

Deirdre Smith. http://glitteredroses.com/


  1. Fun, fun, fun! I know what you mean about Christmas -- I play Christmas music year-round. This is such a cute technique. TFS!

  2. Thanks, Deirdre! This looks like a fun project.

  3. Cool! I've got some teas that are not brown...will have to try with various colors. Thanks.

  4. Great staining techniques...like Tiare, would love to try with different colors. TFS!

  5. Thank you ladies, I am almost certain the other teas will work and make for some awesome colored stains....so thank you, now I need to try...lol



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