Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mixed Media Art

All the buzz around my studio is ARTSY: art journaling, journaling, mixed-media art and the list goes on.  I decided to do a quick mixed-media project with some new craft supplies that I just acquired.  That's the thing I love about crafting today, the supplies are so versatile that you can use them in so many ways.  I have an affinity for canning jars so my project uses a tiny one.  I also like to paint and stamp so of course those add flavor to the project.  One thing that I have been inspired to try in my art journaling is to use regular highlighter pens.  They are great to color with.  The stamped leaves on the tag card were colored using a green highlighter pen.  The final color is amazing.  So here is my project :

Don't you just love these stamps?  They are so versatile and clearly not just for mixed-media. Now off I go to do some more journaling.  Have a Happy Artsy Day.


  1. Nice job! I admire mixed media projects and those that create them. Love the canning jar and that color.

  2. Like your project, I can't get into mixed media but like what others do with it; tfs!

  3. Love your projects! I love those stamps, too!!!

  4. Love the stamps, may I ask where I can find them?

  5. Very nice!! I saw that stamp set the other day at Hobby Lobby, picked it up and put it back. Now you have inspired me and I need the stamp!! lol



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